How to Become an RPA Developer?


RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation. An RPA developer is a person who designs, maintains, builds, and implements RPA systems. In an organization, an RPA developer has the role to create optimized workflow processes and work cross-functionally with operations and business analysts.

Scope of an RPA Developer

Today the world is moving towards automation where organizations maximum repetitive processes to be automated as much as possible. Thus the demand for highly skilled RPA professionals has gained pace. With the right skill set, RPA developers can fill the in the respective domains. An RPA developer is essentially a software developer who can work on the latest automation tools and well define working using code. An RPA developer has the opportunity to earn as much as 150000 dollars in a year in leadership positions.

Skills Required to be RPA Developer

An RPA developer has the role of automating business processes.He/She requires a diverse set of skills as outlined below.

  • Skill to document and plan a process.

  • Must be adept in technologies like UiPath and Automation Anywhere

  • Experience in any one programming language like Python, VBScript, C/C++, Java, DOT NET, etc

  • Good experience and knowledge of tools such as UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, etc.

  • Good understanding and experience with SQL queries and Relational databases.

  • Should have good problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Planning strategy

  • Should have good communication skills as they are vital in interaction with business and organizational leadership

Role of an RPA developer

  • An RPA Developer has to carry out different tasks in the role.

  • An RPA developer has to work on planning and designing automation processes.

  • They have to communicate and get the requirements from Business analysts on process walk-throughs as BRD.

  • Identify the right tool set by performing a compatibility test.

  • Work on the development process. Carry out testing of the framework developed like Unit Testing, UAT, and Integration Testing. Deployment in production.

  • They have to also sometimes work on bot support and fix any issues occurring.

RPA Developer: Getting Started

On the path to becoming an RPA developer, one should first choose which platform to develop RPA skills. There are many solutions in the market but the basic concepts are the same in all the tools. All the platforms are built on at least one programming knowledge. So a knowledge of more than one programming language is very essential in this regard. This will enable the developer to choose any tool of his choice and not limit him/her in terms of the latest technology.

There are numerous courses and also free resources available on the internet to get started with programming and develop sharp skills in any programming language. For gaining experience, one should try to do as many live projects like building bots, and automation services using this knowledge. There are also certification courses available on leading platforms with industry-ready case studies. Many RPA software tools also provide documentation and learning resources to get started.

A person should also have basic knowledge of at least one RPA tool like Automation Anywhere, BluePrism, etc for getting started.He/She should also try to interact with leadership or business persons to understand slight business requirements and also develop his communication skills.

Different opportunities for an RPA Developer

  • Robotic Process Companies that develop automation software and bots

  • Any consultancies which provide automation as a service

  • Persons like end users who require automation for their use cases

  • Companies involved in the processing of documents.

How to increase your chances of getting hired as an RPA developer.

  • Have good knowledge and experience in the latest RPA software as well as strong experience in a programming language.

  • Create your reusable software and plugins which can be used as open source.

  • Gain knowledge about the mining process


Robotic Process Automation is an emerging field with more and more industries embracing this technology. As such RPA Developer is a highly demanding job that is a confluence of many skills. With the right skill set and knowledge of a few programming languages relevant to RPA and good basics on bots and RPA software, one can, one can embark on the path to becoming a highly successful RPA developer.