How to become an Azure Architect?

An Azure Architect analyzes a customer's needs, establishes specifications, directs a team of developers, testers, database administrators, and other professionals to construct a full solution, finalizes and assigns cloud resources, and tests and deploys solutions on the cloud. An Azure Architect meets with end users, corporate decision makers, project owners, and project managers to understand the needs and establish explicit, comprehensive functional requirements for the technical teams. An Azure Architect also works with clients to test the application, get feedback, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate with deployment engineers to get projects up and running.

A typical Azure Architect is a senior technical professional with at least eleven years of experience developing and managing software systems. An architect knows all phases of a software project's life cycle, team roles and management, and precise technical implementation. The architect also knows security, backup and recovery, data management, budget and planning, and governance. A typical Azure Architect is also skilled in Azure administration, testing, development, and DevOps.

How to become a Microsoft Azure Certified Architect?

Candidates for the Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification should have subject matter experience in developing cloud and hybrid solutions that operate on Microsoft Azure, including computing, network, storage, monitoring, and security.

The role's responsibilities include advising stakeholders and converting business needs into designs for safe, scalable, and dependable Azure solutions. An Azure solutions architect collaborates with developers, administrators, and other roles responsible for implementing solutions on Azure.

A candidate for this certification should have advanced expertise and understanding of IT operations, such as networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance. A specialist in this job should manage how decisions in each area influence the solution. They should also be familiar with Azure management, Azure development, and DevOps methods.


To become an Azure Certified Solutions Architect, you must first pass the AZ-303 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) and AZ-304 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design) examinations. This is an expert-level credential.

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam AZ-303

Candidates for this test should have design and implementation expertise with Microsoft Azure systems, including computing, networking, storage, and security. Candidates should have intermediate Azure management skills. Candidates should have prior experience with Azure development and DevOps.

This exam assesses your abilities to create and monitor an Azure infrastructure, implement management and security solutions, implement app solutions, and implement and manage data platforms.

These technical abilities are required to pass the AZ-303 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) exam: Infrastructure deployment and configuration, workload implementation and security developing for the cloud and Azure storage, creating and deploying apps, and implementing authentication and data security.

Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam AZ-304

Candidates for this test should have advanced knowledge and expertise in IT operations such as networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platform, budgeting, and governance. This test assesses your ability to do the following technical tasks: design monitoring, identity and security, data storage, business continuity, and infrastructure.

These abilities are required to pass the AZ-304 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design) exam. Determining workload needs, Identity and security design, Data platform solution design, Business continuity strategy design, Deployment, migration, and integration design, and Infrastructure strategy design.

Skills Required

  • Creating Cloud Environments

  • Knowledge of one or more of the following topics: DevOps, Azure administration, or Azure development

  • Budgeting, business continuity, data management, disaster recovery, governance, identity, networking, security, and virtualization are just a few of the IT operations you should be aware of. Architects must explain cloud-related expenses to management and balance performance objectives against budget limits; they should have cost analysis knowledge.

  • Architect and develop solutions that meet both functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Architecture and solution design artifacts need to be developed and assessed.

  • Ensure that architectural standards/principles, global product-specific needs, usability design standards, and other guidelines are followed.

  • Working grasp of cloud principles.

  • Excellent communication abilities. Azure cloud solutions architects must address team members, management, and business stakeholders.

Salary Trends

An Azure Solutions Architect typically earns $1, 46,000 per year in pay. Approximately $80 is paid per hour. An Azure Solutions Architect makes $134,947 per year in entry-level jobs. Additionally, entry-level professionals often have 1-3 years of experience. However, Azure Solutions Architects with 4–7 years of experience may expect to make $113,000 annually. The highest-paid Azure Solutions Architect may make up to $201,000 annually. When further bonuses and compensation are considered, an Azure Solution Architect's yearly salary might reach $1, 98,000.


Cloud architects are highly sought-after. A cloud architect is the third most in-demand profession for 2022. Companies working on Azure projects look for IT specialists. These professionals must hold the required Azure certification. Then, they may show off their prowess as an Azure architect.