How to Become a Good Java Developer in 2023?

Introduced in 1991, Java is a highly desired object-oriented programming language widely getting used since the 90s in the web development arena. It was developed by Oracle, which used to be named Sun Microsystem in the 90s. The programming language is highly used by developers worldwide, with more than 9.4 million as per the 2017 Stack Overflow survey results.

With great code readability, this powerful and flexible programming language is used by various businesses. Being an open-source language, it can easily run-on various platforms such as BlackBerry OS 10 Environment, MAC OS X, LINUX Operating System, and many more platforms.

If you are an aspiring developer and looking to make your career in 2023, then Java would be the most suitable platform for a staggering career.

Let us dive down deep to understand how you can be a good Java developer in 2023 −

With a little effort, research, and learning one can make 2023 a year of opportunities and grow one career as a Java developer. Here are some tips −

Learn the Basics

Understanding the basics is a must, before initiating any career. Find a source where you can get a good source of knowledge and get your basics clear about Java. Before constructing your coding skills, take your time, do research, use your resources, and understand how the logic works. Learn the fundamentals of Java programming, including data types, variables, loops, and control structures.

Go through documents & open-source framework source code

It is crucial to keep yourself updated with the latest technology of Java, and by joining good newsletters and forums, you can get a fair amount of information. If possible, try communicating with groups or communities online about the knowledge that you gain from your sources. It will help others learn, as well as you will get to learn more from these discussions. Familiarize yourself with object-oriented programming concepts, such as inheritance, polymorphism, and interfaces.

Practice Writing Clean, Readable, and Efficient Code

Practice what you learn; it is the most staggering way to become a good coder and the most familiar way to boost your confidence. Whether you practice coding online, or offline; practising will enhance your knowledge. You can join Java programming practice hubs like Tutorialspoint, CodeChef, GeeksforGeeks etc.

Join Group Discussion & Don’t forget Books

Create a group and chat. Connect the space to the Internet. Group discussion helps you get different perspectives on the topic. You can get the pros and cons of things, and you can also clear your doubts through discussion. Also, read the standard text and notes.

Get Forum Subscriptions

In today’s scenario you would find so many forums on the internet of your interest where you can learn from. So, we would suggest you join technology forums that would help you find a solution for your problems as there might others as well who had faced the same problem and resolved. You will get to learn it from their experience.

Trending Frameworks to Learn in 2023

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a Java-based framework used to build web and standalone applications. It is a project within the Spring Framework and is designed to simplify the bootstrapping and development of new Spring applications.

  • Automatic configuration of Spring-related components based on the classpath and other dependencies that are present

  • Embeddable web servers so you can run your application as a standalone app

  • Command-line tools to help you quickly generate new projects and start up common tasks

  • A variety of pluggable dependencies that you can use to extend the functionality of your application

Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud is a framework for building distributed systems and applications. It provides tools for developers to build and deploy applications in a cloud-native way, using the Spring Framework as the foundation.

Spring Cloud provides abstractions for common patterns in distributed systems and helps developers build resilient and reliable applications that are easy to test and maintain. Some of the features offered by Spring Cloud include service discovery, load balancing, circuit breaking, distributed tracing, and configuration management.


Angular was developed by Google and is often used for building single-page applications, mobile applications, and web application front-ends. It is built using TypeScript, and it allows developers to create reusable components, manage state, and build complex applications using a declarative approach.

Apache Spark

It is an open-source distributed processing system that is widely used for large-scale data processing tasks, such as data analysis and machine learning. It is written in Scala, but has APIs in several languages, including Java.

Some of the key features of Spark include −

  • Support for a wide range of data sources and file formats, including CSV, JSON, Avro, and Parquet.

  • Integration with several popular big data tools, such as Apache Hive and Apache Pig.

  • A library of machine learning algorithms and a powerful SQL engine for data analysis.

  • A rich set of libraries for streaming data, graph processing, and machine learning.

There are various skills you need to learn to become a good Java developer. As you have to work on Database, Cloud, Security and all. So knowledge on these skills will definitely help you in your development field.


These are some of the best tips that would help you become a good Java Developer in 2023. Java development would be a great career for anyone in the upcoming time, hence follow the above tips to shape your career as a developer. Apart from all the tips & tricks what will work for you the best is becoming dedicated to what you want to learn and achieve which is the success secret for any carrier.