How to automate this object using JavaScript to set one key on each iteration as null?

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For this, use Object.keys() and set one key on each iteration as null using a for loop..


Following is the code −

var objectValues =
   "name1": "John",
   "name2": "David",
   "address1": "US",
   "address2": "UK"
for (var tempKey of Object.keys(objectValues)) {
   var inEachIterationSetOneFieldValueWithNull = {
       [tempKey]: null

To run the above program, you need to use the following command −

node fileName.js.

Here, my file name is demo294.js.


This will produce the following output on console −

PS C:\Users\Amit\javascript-code> node demo294.js
{ name1: null, name2: 'David', address1: 'US', address2: 'UK' }
{ name1: 'John', name2: null, address1: 'US', address2: 'UK' }
{ name1: 'John', name2: 'David', address1: null, address2: 'UK' }
{ name1: 'John', name2: 'David', address1: 'US', address2: null }
Updated on 09-Nov-2020 09:03:13