How to auto-generate a step definition to a feature file in Cucumber?

We can auto-generate a step definition file to a feature file in Cucumber. This can be done by using the Tidy Gherkin plugin which is available as a Chrome extension.

Step1− Navigate to the below link to access the Tidy Gherkin plugin. nobemmencanophcnicjhfhnjiimegjeo?hl=en-GB

Step2− Then click on the Add to Chrome button.

Step3− Once done, enter chrome://apps/ in the browser. The Tidy Gherkin plugin should be visible.

Step4− Click on it to launch it.

Step5− Copy and paste the feature file that we want to map to a step definition file within the edit box that has the Enter your Gherkin here…. Then click on the JAVA STEPS tab at the bottom to get the corresponding step definition.