How to Add Cookies in Postman?

We can add cookies in Postman. To add a cookie, the below steps need to be followed −

Step1 − Navigate to the Params tab below the address bar and then click on Cookies.

Step2 − The MANAGE COOKIES window shall open. It lists down all the current cookies. To add a cookie, click on the Add Cookie button. An edit box with pre-populated values of the cookie are displayed. We can update the value and Save it.

Step3 − Send the request to the server.

Step4 − After the request has been successfully completed, the Cookies tab in the Response will show the newly added cookie – Cookie_Postman.

We can also add a cookie programmatically and not from the GUI. For that, we have to first create a Cookie jar object with the help of the pm.cookies.jar method.

const cnt = pm.cookies.jar()

Then to create a cookie we have to use the function - .set. This function takes the URL, cookie name and value as parameters.

const cnt = pm.cookies.jar();
cnt.set(URL, cookie name, cookie value, callback(error, cookie))