How to access 'this' keyword inside an arrow function in JavaScript?

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"this" keyword in an arrow function

The JavaScript 'this' keyword refers to the object it belongs to. In an arrow function, 'this' belongs to a global object. Inside a simple function, there might be chances that 'this' keyword can result in undefined but in an arrow function it results in an exact value.


Live Demo

   function Student(fname, grade) {
      this.fname = fname;
      this.grade = grade;
      this.details = function() {
         return () => {
            document.write(`Hi, I'm ${this.fname} from ${this.grade} grade`);
   let info = new Student('picaso', 'seventh');
   let printInfo = info.details();


Hi, I'm picaso from seventh grade
Published on 01-Aug-2019 14:12:25