How Much Time Should Social Media Marketing Take Each Week?

Time management is crucial when it comes to social media marketing. Social media platforms have a particular timing and one should allocate posts accordingly. Read on to know more!

Social media is the key to instant business growth and consistent earnings, but you have to do a lot of work on social media marketing. Social media marketing is very important nowadays for everyone who wants to take advantage of the unlimited audience available on social media. However, social media marketing is not that easy and requires a proper strategy, and schedule is one of the most important factors in social media strategy. Many people didn't know how much time should social media marketing take each week, and thus they didn't get desired results. Here in the blog, we will discuss the time a person should give on social media marketing every week.

How does social media marketing help businesses?

Social media is the best way to reach millions of new customers from across the globe. Companies can easily connect with the audience and make them their loyal customers. It is also the best way to engage with existing customers. Social media marketing is popular because every type of customer is available on social media, and most importantly, youngsters remain highly active on social media. So, you can easily target your audience, and social media platforms have detailed data about every user, which help brands to reach genuine customers easily.

Social media marketing also lets businesses know more specifically about their customers' demands, which will help them create better products and services. Now this will enhance customer experience. Another important benefit of social media marketing is you can easily increase the popularity of your brand and raise brand awareness among millions of people. Brand awareness is very important to increase loyal customers and achieve consistent sales.

Does time really matter in social media marketing?

Well, some will say yes, while some will say No. It all depends upon different factors and strategies. Now the universal fact is everyone goes for Quality over Quantity. Yes, time scheduling has importance in social media marketing, but if your content is top-notch, nothing will impact its engagement. However, when you target a global audience and run some time-specific marketing campaigns, time matters a lot. So, let's see the factors that affect how much time you should spend on social media marketing.

What factors affect the time expenditure on social media marketing?

Social media objectives

Different businesses have different objectives and different working styles, so time expenditure on social media depends upon the type of business and its objectives. Suppose you own a Service based business; then you have to spend relatively less time on social media as compared to a product-based business. In a broader context, it all depends upon your social media objectives. For example, some company runs marketing campaigns to increase their sales, so they run time-specific campaigns. On the other hand, if a company wants to increase brand awareness, it should run long marketing campaigns requiring more consistent time.

Your target audience

Target audience matters a lot in the case of social media marketing. And as mentioned, if you are targeting an international audience, time matters a lot. If you are dealing with an entertainment-related business where you have to keep your audience updated with the latest news and events, you must be quick so that they can't get that update from anywhere else. In such cases, you must set a specific time for different time zones. You can also conduct polls to know when your audience wants posts from you, and many companies are doing this.

Your social media calendar

If you don't want any confusion, desired results, and no mess in running marketing campaigns, make a social media calendar and follow it strictly. From experts to professionals, everyone recommends having a social media calendar. Doesn't matter what time frame has chosen and how much time you have chosen; if you follow it strictly and consistently, you will definitely achieve desired results. Also, the social media calendar is made after extensive market research, so don't think it doesn't have any reliability.

Social media platforms

If you want to take real advantage of social media platforms, you have to make use of all popular social media platforms. And thus, the amount of time depends upon the number of platforms you have chosen. Some platforms require less time, like LinkedIn, because here you will find most professionals who are active for less time, while in the case of Facebook and Instagram, you have to be highly active. Divide your time accordingly, choose the platform that gives you the best results, and focus more on that.

How much time should social media marketing take each week?

But the question of how much time should social media marketing take each week still remains unanswered. So, if you have worked on the above factors and done your job, it's time to give you the average time a business should invest in social media marketing in a week. So, the average time ranges between 6 hours to 10 hours a week. It can be two or three more or less, depending on other factors, requirements, and objectives. But giving one or more than one hour per day is a must to remain connected and engaged with your customers.

Final words

Social media marketing can give instant and consistent results, but it also requires a consistent investment of time. The more you remain active on social media, the more engagement you will get from your customers, improving your metrics. Giving proper time on every social media platform weekly is necessary to make a powerful grip on the digital audience and hence the digital market.

Updated on: 29-Mar-2023


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