How much does it cost to make an iOS app?

Do you want to make an iOS app? There are many options depending on your requirements, time and budget and complexity of requirement. Prices vary accordingly. Prices vary amongst companies and freelancers, and so do the risk of success.

Let us explore the options to develop the app.

  • Hire a software company or mobile app development agency to build your app. If you feel it is very expensive, then you can also partner with an app developing company and share your profits with them.

  • Hire a freelancer and give him your specifications. You can also buy an app template or starter kit and hire a freelancer to customize it.

  • Learn the coding and mobile app development, buy an app template and customize it yourself.

The first option of hiring a software company can cost you about $10,000 to $60,000 for a small to medium sized app. Learning the code by yourself and building the app is the cheapest way possible. It can cost you anywhere between $99 to $1000.