How is IOT (Internet of Things) Changing the Lives of Common People?

There was a time when we used to depend on books, newspapers and then news channels for information and entertainment. If not that we used to run to our grandpa or mom or that poky neighbor aunty to seek for answers not available in the newspaper. Then again there were always things that remain a mystery, as we could never seek their answers.

But with growing advancement and development in technology, we have the internet as an answer to all our questions. So no need to rely on different things, just a simple phone with internet connection and you’re good to go. Be it going to your favorite holiday destination or connecting with long lost friends or any other thing one can think of.

The Internet has made our lives easier. Starting from searching a perfect location to dine in, to settle at some location, be it for a recipe or any services, be it for entertainment or knowledge. The answer is Internet. Overall Internet has made our lives beautiful. In fact, by 2020 we could see billions of data-spouting devices linked with the internet.

The Change

Over the past few years, the concept of Internet of Things has come to limelight. With sensors and actuators, the phenomenon has become very common today. The connection can be clearly seen in elevators, cars, trains, planes, floors and pipelines, sharing important data on their precise requirements. The benefits are not limited to any particular industry.

IoT has already changed the way we communicate with the physical world. It has beautifully improved people’s interactions with things connecting them with their daily lives. Let’s have a detailed look on how Internet of things have changed the way we live and work today, with respect to the expected changes in the nearby future. Given below are some of the ways explaining it impacts on our lives.

Smart Home

When we think of IOT, the first thing that comes to our mind is a smart house. By smart, we mean better security systems. That helps in monitoring house from any distant location when no one is at home. Some smartphone apps that helps in neutralizing home heating, for example, turn off the stove and also neutralize the lighting.

With all these advancements, IOT provides services which help people to keep a track on their children and pets left at home, when they themselves are not around. One can also set up sensors that will ping them when the door of their house has been opened. Now, that’s a very helpful tool for caregivers.

We are not just limited to these security measures but we can surely expect many more features like the fridge notifying of spoiled milk, or turning on coffee makers from our bed or any possible thing one can think of.

Smart Transportation

From the generation of kick start, we have come to self-start. Recently AT&T have added approximately 2.1 million new wireless lines last out of which only half were meant for people and the rest were only for automobiles. Also, companies like GM, BMW, and many other giant companies have teamed up with their AT&T to ensure LTE in their vehicles. That is simply changing our traveling experience.

We can consider it as a simple start of the LTE-enabled cars that helps drivers in providing real-time information, real-time vehicle diagnostics and much more. Very soon the drivers will enjoy features that would help them tap into every element of the road, footpath they drive on to and examine traffic patterns. Finally, make wise choices to minimize or limit traffic jams.

However, the IOT is not just limited to LTE in transportation. One fine example to show IOT in transportation is the Oyster card. Commonly used as a key to London’s tube system since 2003. These cards are known for collecting usage data like where do people travel, how often they travel and finally all these things are analyzed. This analysis is further used to neutralize the underground based on user’s different requirements.

Exercise Smarty for Healthy Living

Innovative developers and creative techies and gym lovers might have already imagined the more advanced gym available in future. But we can already see IOT in today’s well-equipped gym devices. The latest one is the wearable watches and wristbands of which the market is flooded with. These simple wearable devices help us ensure how much calories we have burnt, how much more we need to burn.

How many steps we have walked and everything we need to know. For all those who badly want to loose weight but are quite lazy like me, can get one of these watches. They will constantly remind you of your goal and will motivate you to achieve it. But IOT is not about just staying fit, it also helps you monitor your overall health. Many smartphone apps help you keep a check on your sugar level especially for diabetics and many other health related data like your heart rate and wellness trackers.

Smart Business

In we come to entrepreneurship industry, IOT has changed very aspects of business. Like some stores are opting for signals from shopper’s smartphones that helps them monitor their behavior in-store, merging it with their online data to extract maximum information from the customer’s profile.

Finally, the retailers with these apps use the data to deliver coupons and special promotional material to the customer’s phone at a different occasion at the different time. It’s not just limited to this tracking device, but many other such sensors are being used to keep a track of machines and then notify the organizations regarding the defects or the parts that need to b changed or repaired.

Smart Waste Management

IOT is now widely used to keep a track on pollution and helps in finding new ways to minimize wastes. For instance, take AirQuality, this device helps in keeping a track of air quality outside people’s home as well as office. Then it merges the data online to provide regional and metropolitan data.

Finally, this data helps in measuring how different pollution control policies are affecting certain areas and regions. Another such site the offers smart irrigation system for farmers, golf courses and many other organizations that preserve water by keeping a track of soil from different parts of the land and adjusting water usage accordingly.

Future of IoT

The Internet is a beautiful place to explore things. All those smart techie things listed above are not the only areas enjoying IOT. The impact of IOT can be seen in almost every sector and every field. Starting from self-starting car and bikes, monitoring house to monitoring own health or even monitoring baby. One can possibly think of, and the answer is IOT.

In simple words, IOT simply connects anything to everything, that too in a smarter way. Smartphone one the other hand is acting like a portal into to Internet of Things ecosystem. Giving complete remote control too your life, if it isn’t still controlling it. It’s high time that manufacturers build a trust among their client’s ad prove that f they give up access to their personal data, then in exchange of that they will get quality tailored offers, deals, and interactions.


Now with large tech companies coming together with IOT, we have already seen how brilliantly it has changed our lives. We expect to see more to it, in the nearby future. You never know, you imagine something today and that turns out to be a reality tomorrow.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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Updated on: 23-Jan-2020


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