How has the use of drones revolutionized certain professions?

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Drones are a next-generation technology with far-reaching implications for several industries with a large logistics footprint. As with many other innovations and inventions, drones were also developed by the military specifically for surveillance in sensitive areas. Let's consider the impact of drones on the operations of the security forces especially in a vast country like India with all the challenges that it faces from multiple sources of discord.

If we take the LOC (Line of Control) which divides the state of Jammu & Kashmir from those parts of the state that are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan, we find that the challenges before the Indian security forces are enormous.

Taking Cues from Israel

The mountainous terrain and the constant infiltration attempts by terrorists from Pakistan go on at a scale and intensity that is not seen anywhere else in the world except in Israel which faces a similar situation. The successes achieved by Israel in checking terrorist infiltration with the help of drone surveillance of its borders has encouraged India to also begin using drones on the border and the results thus far have been good. The other more volatile example of drone use for offensive operations is in Afghanistan where US forces used their predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles to unleash massive bombings on suspected terrorist targets that resulted in heavy collateral damage. This gives an idea of the scope of drone use in war.

Reduces Endeavors

The construction industry is the other major user of drone technology in certain processes that are not just critical for the project but also time-consuming. This involves processes like 24 x7 bird's eye view of the site, work progress review, a survey of the site and inspection among others. Doing all these jobs manually requires much longer timeframes and involvement of a lot more manpower that combines to push up the cost of completing the project. Similarly, the shipping and logistics industry with all the container movement involving CFS (Container Freight Stations) management also has extensive use of drones.

Updated on 26-Jun-2020 14:02:31