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Today, business is fast and accessible from anywhere. There are many things involve in making a successful business, such as; human thoughts, surroundings, many applications and devices, etc. Also, Google’s many apps and cloud-based apps are very much helpful in making successful business. Most of the remote access is possible due to cloud-based apps.

Google Apps for Business provides cloud-based apps allocated into four main groups or functions: communicate, store, collaborate, and manage, this group makes the work and communication strong between team member, team member can communicate with each other from anywhere.

Brief explanation

Brief explanation of the group,

  • Communicate
  • Store
  • Collaborate
  • Manage


For any business and company, lack of communication and bad communication can through the business dark, but many Google’s apps (Gmail, Google Hangouts, and Google Calendar) are very helpful in growing the business due to excellent communication with many features.


Gmail for business point of view provides many features like; storage capacity 30GB and 24/7 support, auto save feature, spam safety, sending email to many users together and provides many professional email address. You can avail this on iOS and Android both. In mobile and desktop, you can read and draft messages without internet and whenever you connect through Internet, you can send those messages immediately. If your conversation and videos go beyond the limit, just dial to the customer care and join a video meeting straight from your inbox with Hangouts.


Hangouts is a high definition video conference app that facilitates up to 15 members in one call together and built-in screen sharing feature best for presentations; facilitates you to see any file from other participant screen. It makes easy face –to-face connection from anywhere without spending time and money, facilitates online communication in HD with many colleagues, clients, businessman and many-more from anywhere through laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Using this, you can share your screen or collaborate on a file in Google Drive. Using Hangouts, you will feel like you are sitting next to your business partner, customers, and interviewers, no matter where the next person is sitting.


Google Calendar is a free web application used to set the schedule of the work. To use this tool, user needs to have Google account. Using this, you can easily set-up the meetings and appointments from Gmail to your calendar. Also, you can share documents and create group calendars directly from events.


Have you ever imagine, how external hard drives, storage devices and Google Drives are useful and how we can carefully utilize them?


Drives are so useful that you can keep your all-important stuffs in one place securely and can use them anytime and anyplace, provides minimum 30GB of storage space and can upgrade up-to 16TB. Drive facilitates you to upload, share, edit, and even download any type of documents and automatically sync these to your computer. After keeping files on that you never have to save them again. Moreover, drives provide more than 40 file format, so that you don’t have to install any additional software for support.


To do work faster more hands get involve. Apps like; Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites are very much helpful in collaboration.


Docs is helpful in creating and editing the text documents. Its co-editing feature facilitates multiple users to edit the same document at the same time. It also provides security through document access control and add-ons like mail merging and advance editing.


It facilitates you to create and share spreadsheets, charts, and pivot tables even without an Internet connection. Real-time editing is also possible, and can create surveys or questionnaires with built-in forms.


Helpful in draw charts, diagrams, and making presentations with Slides


Management is a backbone of an organization. For any organization, strong management can take it up and week management can take it down.


Many organizations use admin feature to manage Google apps. Many things are possible using this feature, like; adding users, managing devices, and setting groups or a restriction with few clicks safely.


Basically, Google Apps are services or tools offered by Google that delivers independent customizable Google products for successful business. Many Google Apps products are free and some are purchasable, but they are very useful in increasing business in less time and afford.

Updated on 23-Oct-2019 06:38:24