How Do You Think Blockchain Can Impact Various Facets of Digital Marketing?

The past few years saw diverse changes and evolution in the world of digital marketing, thanks to the advancement of new technologies and trends, such as blockchain. Blockchain is the current buzzword among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. However, its possibilities have expanded beyond the world of cryptocurrency, and today, organizations from diverse industries are reaping their advantages.

Starting from telecom companies, retailers, logistics, and transport firms, to media companies and healthcare providers, blockchain has its impacts in varied sectors. Digital marketers too are exploring the endless benefits and possibilities of this advanced database mechanism to boost their business strategies, lead generation processes, and customer engagement.

Read on to learn how blockchain can change your digital marketing game by helping your digital marketing teams to develop more efficient and profitable marketing campaigns and tactics. We will also discuss the ways in which you can leverage the advantages of blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a kind of distributed and decentralized ledger or database that aims to track assets and record transactions in a business network. Users can trade any valuable asset virtually, and trade and track them digitally over a decentralized network. This secured network reduces cyber threat risks and the involved costs.

Blockchain aims to enhance transparency in a business since the data is stored securely and safely. The high-security protocols of blockchain technology ensure that nobody can alter or tamper with your business information.

The key elements of blockchain technology include −

  • Gain seamless access to distributed ledger

  • Securely stores smart contracts, which get automatically executed

  • Offers immutable records, so no one can modify or delete information

Relationship Between Blockchain and Digital Marketing

Blockchain is a boon for digital marketers, as it has a huge impact on SEO or search engine optimization. SEO specialists and web developers aim to gain numerous benefits from each blockchain exchange. This decentralized network enables users to enjoy uninterrupted data streams, visibility, safety, and availability. Besides, the network returns the data to the rightful users, thus ensuring the highest levels of security.

When blockchain enters digital marketing, it can create magic by developing more secure and robust relationships between brands and their consumers. This distributed ledger can help marketers design more targeted ad messages and campaigns without sharing piles of data with numerous companies. It saves time in these unnecessary data-sharing tasks, thus making it easier for digital marketers and SEO specialists to manage data more efficiently.

Furthermore, blockchain also helps digital marketing teams to gain deeper and more accurate insights into different performance metrics, such as audience interactions with ad campaigns, website traffic, and more. Also, blockchain ensures that one can perform buying and selling operations without requiring any mediators, thus maximizing security levels.

5 Ways Blockchain Can Impact Digital Marketing

By establishing direct communication channels between the business and customers, blockchain technology can offer the following advantages.

1. Increased Transactional Transparency

Blockchain guarantees transparency, as it allows digital marketers and website operators to gain more consciousness about their transactions. Offering seamless payment experiences, it increases brand value and customer satisfaction, thus boosting website traffic in the upcoming days.

With blockchain tech, buyers can monitor and confirm the authenticity of a product, since it can identify fake goods. Users can track the characteristics of any item since nobody can modify its shared ledger. Search engines even go in tandem with blockchain statistics to track and identify a seller’s legitimacy. Search engine bots also use this vital information to index different business websites. It helps businesses to remain competitive in today’s highly evolving eCommerce markets.

2. Reduces PPC Ad Fraud

PPC (pay-per-click) is an indispensable tool for digital marketers, who put huge efforts into driving more leads and conversions. Blockchain uses Google Display Network (a [platform that serves visually appealing ads based on audience demographics, personal interests, buying patterns, etc.) to connect advertisers with different websites.

Blockchain can save businesses thousands or even millions of bucks. That is because PPC ad fraud has become common in the past few years, in which an individual or computer program repeatedly clicks on a PPC ad. This is usually done by a competitor or other party intending to inflict harm on the company to generate unnecessary charges for malicious reasons, without any intent in buying the victim company’s goods or services.

By implementing blockchain technologies, businesses can track click-throughs made by automated software and compensate only for actual click-throughs made by genuinely interested individuals or real visitors. It involves the use of smart contracts, safekeeping and authentication, user validation, and the minimization of fraudsters.

3. Keyword Tracking

If digital marketers integrate blockchain into their search, they can store individual page rankings, device usage data, and location on the blockchain network. Later, marketers can use this information to create and fine-tune their ad campaigns and marketing messages. It also helps them to identify the loopholes that may be present in their marketing strategies, thus working on these areas more critically.

4. Boosts Lead Quality

Consumers who give you their personal data are likely to get converted. Today, many marketers collect vital consumer and market data from varied sources and put them all together to run ultra-targeted ad campaigns. However, there are many limitations to this traditional data collection method, and hence, many ad campaigns often run based on inaccurate or inconsistent data.

With blockchain technology, however, marketers have the right to the data source, that is the consumers themselves since it is decentralized in nature. More modern platforms are developing browsers that can block ads, an example being Brave. In a blockchain-powered browser, users can provide as much or as little information as they wish. The advertiser, in turn, will be able to access this demographic data from the browser’s databases, without knowing the true identities of these consumers.

5. Advanced User Interfaces

By developing blockchain-powered browsers, web designers can help improve the user interfaces and navigating experiences of a website’s visitors. This advanced technology can provide safe and secure online experiences with high-protected and transparent ad technologies.

That’s why crypto-based browsers are witnessing high demand and popularity. That day is not far when the basic and traditional ad interpretations and displays will become obsolete, thanks to the customized and secure search choices people can enjoy with blockchain-based browsers.

Key Takeaways

To conclude, blockchain technology is bringing revolutionary changes in the marketing sector and plays a huge role in bridging the gap between business and their consumers. Now that you know the reasons for integrating blockchain into your digital marketing strategies, we hope you can make smarter marketing moves and create impactful campaigns. Explore the endless possibilities of blockchain in various arenas of digital marketing to establish your brand image and profitability in the years to come!