How Digital Marketing Helps in E-commerce Business: Check the Details

The base of an e-commerce business is an online platform. Hence, its existence depends on various online activities. Therefore, business owners find e-commerce ventures profitable as many people spend time online and purchase items online on any occasion. If you plan to set up your own e-commerce store online, read the post to understand how digital marketing can help in marketing operations.

In 1995 with the introduction of the Internet, e-commerce began crawling in India. But it took time to reach its current status, and now people prefer online buying to visit physical stores, especially those working and finding it difficult to manage time to roam malls or supermarkets.

Before finding out how digital marketing help in e-commerce establishment, let’s briefly discuss what e-commerce is.

What is E-commerce?

Suppose you need a new dress for your friend’s birthday, but you’re running time short. What do you do? You will open your phone, log in to Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, or your preferred store, search for the dress, place the order, and pay. You will get the dress delivered to your doorstep on the scheduled day. Thus, the online store sort out the problem, and you’ll get your desired items within the time at your place. This is e-commerce.

E-commerce stores make life easy as you can access millions of products from various sites, pick the one you’re searching for, place the order, and pay. In some cases, you can pay them at the time of delivery. Thus, you can get whatever you want without moving out of your home. And the credit goes to the e-commerce business concept and its huge marketing and logistics operations.

Let’s understand how digital marketing makes reaching every household and selling the item possible.

How Digital Marketing Helps E-commerce?

As the entire operation is based on an online platform, without digital marketing, e-commerce nowhere exists. Your search for the product on your phone because of digital marketing; you place the order for the payment gateway set up, which is again digital marketing. Thus from A to Z, e-commerce solely depends on digital marketing, a strong online marketing strategy, and planning.

Let's check how the digital marketing domain helps e-commerce in its settlement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When designing your online store, you must check the SEO strategy because SEO helps in Google ranking through link building and keyword metrics. The strong strategy you apply in your SEO will give you a chance to rank your store on Google's front page. The ranking helps drive heavy traffic to your site, ensuring conversion.

Automation and Plugins

It needs great involvement in running an e-commerce store. Various tools help the store owners to get the analytics data which assists them in calculating the traffic, leads, and conversion ratio. On the other hand, the plugins in the website's backend help with the website's loading speed so that visitors can check the products and place an order. Even plugins help create a chatbot where customers can get the answer to their queries.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is the most prominent way to promote the store as business owners get huge customers spending their time scrolling posts, likes, comments, and shares. If you can apply the marketing techniques, your store will get good traffic and ensure a conversion ratio. You can target customers based on age, gender, location, profession, and buying capabilities. With creative and informative posts, you can engage your target customers on your company page and educate them with the necessary information about your brand.

Thus, the online platforms will provide unlimited opportunities to attract traffic to your e-commerce store and close deals.

You can collect users’ personal data through SMM, which you can utilize in further marketing modules. Thus, you can build a vast database that ultimately helps you to run your store.

Email Marketing

You can create newsletter subscriber options with your site's users' personal database. Weekly on a specific day, send emails with the information, including new arrivals, any discount or offer price you’re offering, festival bonanza, buy one get one free ad will reach the within a second to the subscribed mail ids and they will come to know about the store and the offers. Thus, you can call them to visit your store and avail of purchasing and get the discount.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is to perform to promote website visibility on Google's front page through search results. The design of the Search engine marketing strategy is to attract the customers' attention through various paid campaigns, including Pay-per-Click, etc. It's a paid marketing mode that helps to place the store website in the SERP, which helps to increase traffic and conversion.

Content Marketing

Your e-commerce store needs your customers’ attention to visit it and check the products you display. On various digital platforms, you can generate content relevant to your store so that people show interest. Content marketing comes in any format, like text, video, infographics, etc. The main target is to, through content marketing, your store gets the customers’ attention. In other words, you need to create attractive graphical content to catch your target customer's attention and increase sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Big e-commerce stores have introduced affiliate programs to attract sales and increase revenues. Most of the time, affiliate marketers turn out to be loyal customers and post product reviews on several sites. It's a way of advertising which drives good traffic to the store website. Based on product quality, e-commerce stores can earn good revenue through affiliate marketing.

More Tips on Generate Traffic to E-commerce Store

Currently, AI capture and control the digital marketing domain, and e-commerce can redesign revenue model with the help of digital marketing with machine intelligence. Below are a few tips to generate more traffic to your e-commerce store −

  • Create automated email marketing campaigns with a prompt call to action button

  • Include ChatBot in the store website for mobile and desktop; both versions

  • Include tools to reduce payment complicacy

  • Increase demanding products in several places and channel the marketing

  • Adapt the current social media trends to capture the market

  • Audit and optimize SEO strategy at a time interval

  • Engage customers on social media and ask for genuine product feedback

  • Ask customers to write a product review

  • Launch an affiliate program and ask customers to participate

  • Customized content marketing

  • Make the store site visit a better user experience for mobile users

  • Use flyers and posters on the store site to announce special discounts, offers, or other bonuses

Wrap Up

E-commerce stores simplify our buying experience, and now we can order any product from anywhere on Earth anytime. Several items are available in these stores so that working professionals can save time from running from one shop to another to buy items. Further, using mobile or desktop devices doesn't stop you from placing your order and avail the items at your doorstep. If your parents are staying far away from you, you can buy them groceries, medicines, and many items they need through e-commerce stores within a few clicks. And with digital marketing, the entire buying journey will be smooth, and your store visit experience will be better.

Updated on: 07-Apr-2023


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