How can we provide an alias name for an action method in Asp .Net MVC C#?

ActionName attribute is an action selector which is used for a different name of the action method. We use ActionName attribute when we want that action method to be called with a different name instead of the actual name of the method.




using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Web.Mvc;
namespace DemoMvcApplication.Controllers{
   public class HomeController : Controller{
      public ViewResult Index(){
         ViewData["Countries"] = new List<string>{
         return View();


   ViewBag.Title = "Countries List";
<h2>Countries List</h2>
@foreach(string country in (List<string>)ViewData["Countries"])

In the above since we have provided a different action name for the Index method, when we try to navigate with action name Index will get 404 error.

Now let us try to navigate using ListCountries action name.