How can iOS Causes Breakdown in Great Devices?

Every iPhone user has an unusual habit of displaying their Apple logo so that onlookers can check it out. If someone owns an iPhone and wants to take pride in it, it’s okay for few minutes, but dude- why the show-off? The entire world knows of iPhone, which is more than the Apple logo displayed. No, I am not jealous that I don’t own an iPhone, it just doesn’t give me the phony vibe. A few days ago I happened to check out this gold iPhone 5. I didn’t check it’s features or drawbacks, I just saw the phone and if that was how the gold iPhone looks like, I don’t want it.

Although every time there is a new version of iPhone, people go crazy about it but there is something wrong in its roots- not the U.S roots but something on the phone. Before we start criticizing the annoying features that made Apple iOS 10 a mess, let’s have a look at some of the interesting and exciting features that may want you to own one right now.

Why Should you go for Apple iOS 10

You get to use new emojis. If you love to chat and post, then you must have one, as it gives you a new emoji. The iOS 10.2 beta has new and redesigned emojis, like an avocado, a shark, a croissant, a burrito, a carrot, a squid, a clown face, and bacon. However, that’s not it, the list goes on, more than 70 new emojis are included and some existing have been redesigned.

You get to Try the new Apple TV App

The known part is that, you can access all your favorite programs and movies at a single place and some upgrades to Siri. Some of the highlights are given below −

  • Watch now − Here the viewers can see the collection of all the shows and movies available from iTunes and other apps. You can also go to the “Up Next” or the “Recommended to” to select what to watch next.

  • Store − You can always check out the Store to explore new content across video services which have not been downloaded or subscribed. So, if are a religious Apple tv user, this is worth a shot.

New Camera Setting

If you have done changing your settings while taking photos, then your wait is over. iOS 10.2 gives you the option to save your last known camera setting. So you can preserve last used Camera Mode, Photo Filter, live Photo setting etc. It is easy to activate and a potential time saver.

Get Rid of different iOS Issues

iPhone users have always complained about the different issues like poor battery life, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many more problems. The new iOS version has different bug fixes that will help you get over these issues y improving UI speed, battery life, and connectivity. So, you might want to try this to get rid of these random issues.

The Main Issue with iPhone

Let’s talk about the latest iPhone 6S Plus with 128 GB. Using a phone worth Rs. 92,000 just for primary communication, net browsing and games sound too much, and the best part is it has some peculiar effects on how people’s behavior change towards you. Okay, so overall the phone was awesome, great features, high-resolution camera, everything was superb except that one thing which destroys it. Technically speaking of this one thing, it has the worst, ridiculous castrated UI one can imagine of. Generally, people confuse it with the operating system of the phone and blames it for the issue while the real culprit is the UI. However, this is not completely true, as the iOS runs quite well with any underlying hardware, no matter how handicapped the interface is. This is quite evident from the powerful battery life and the smooth operations. The issue is with the top most layer.

The Actual problem with the iOS

To brief about what is actually wrong with the iPod on the usability front, there is so much to discuss, I wonder from where shall I start the discussion. Okay, so here it goes −

  • Multitasking − Apple focuses on making things simpler and easier for the customers, which is a very good thought but sometimes this simplicity reaches to a whole new level of dumbness. Like the home button, I mean I have to do the tick twice to bring up multitasking, so irritating and stupid.

  • No back button − I wonder what made the company think of this design? some people may defend it as all the apps are programmed in such a way that they have their own back buttons. I agree with the this, but it hardly is ever in place. There is no particular close position, like sometimes you may get the close button at the top left, especially while playing video on Facebook app, sometimes on the top right.

  • The lock screen − Apple has always been appreciated for its features on privacy, but it seems like Apple didn’t appreciate it much. This new lock screen has a lot of information with almost no privacy. So anyone can go through your mails, chats, and texts. Now, that is not cool at all.

Some other problems with the iOS

Some other features to complicate the lock screen features is you need to swipe the notification, then click on the Vie/Clear and then go for the other options to show up. Understanding the use of this irritating feature is again a mystery. In addition, the notifications eat a lot of space and when you have a lot of notifications, better don’t read it else you have to scroll till next year.

  • Widgets on the lock screen − Widgets are always supposed to be in the front, so that you can always go through them easily. Now, if you have to swipe the screen to go find widgets, then is just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Complicated lock screen − Read slowly to understand this part clearly, the lock screen is all about swiping left and right. So, if you want to go through the View/Clear option then swipe right left, to open a notification swipe left. Also to open a camera you swipe left and to go to the widgets you swipe right. So, you try to do something but you end up doing something else.

Apple Music

Apple’s music app is clumsier and has a little usability. The new big and bold designs seem like they have done just for the sake of changing things. The “Library” or ”For You” or any other sections mentioned in bold letters just take a lot of space screen and provide very little information. In a single sentence, there is no use of these big bold letters.

In short, you just go on tapping for everything and anything starting from liking a song to downloading it. In fact, you can’t actually download a song before listening to it. Now, this is not done. The issues don’t end here. The Spotlight Search has just liked the widgets Menu. Another fact is, this new messaging app and features are not for the Indian users, though the reason is unknown but Apple forgot the simple fact that in days of WhatsApp and other IMs who cares about adding scribbles, images or music to messaging?.

After reading this article, if you still wish to have iPhone, start yoga and meditation to calm your mind, make list of reasons why you should have one of these and finally if you already have one of these all the best, we hope Apple would definitely work on these issues and modify it for better.

Sharon Christine
Sharon Christine

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