Hashing with Chaining in Data Structure

In this section we will see what is the hashing with chaining. The Chaining is one collision resolution technique. We cannot avoid collision, but we can try to reduce the collision, and try to store multiple elements for same hash value.

this technique suppose our hash function h(x) ranging from 0 to 6. So for more than 7 elements, there must be some elements, that will be places inside the same room. For that we will create a list to store them accordingly. In each time we will add at the beginning of the list to perform insertion in O(1) time

Let us see the following example to get better idea. If we have some elements like {15, 47, 23, 34, 85, 97, 65, 89, 70}. And our hash function is h(x) = x mod 7.

The hash values will be

The Hashing with chaining will be like −

Updated on: 10-Aug-2020

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