Has technology made us stay isolated?

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry. It may be also called as the "advances in computer science.” This technology has actually tamed us. It was thought as a matrix allowing us to connect to the world. But, it has made us the lone ranger.

Let Us Look at Some General Terms and Facts

  • Nomophobia: The feeling of not having cell phones with you, but still one feels that he carries a phone and this is called Nomophobia. Now, it happens with all of us! We feel that we own a phone every now and then.

  • The Attention Span of humans is 1sec lower than even a tiny goldfish. How much pitiable condition are we in!

  • This technology starts with Facebook and ends on WhatsApp.

We are witnessing a weird hour where birds are caged, but the sparrow begot by technology (Twitter) tweets in a thumping passion. We believe that love can be uploaded. In fact, the greatest myth of our times is that technology is confused with communication. We are nothing but a generation of digital zombies. Pout culture prevails. Thus, we must pay attention while using it because, technology is a good servant, but a bad master. It is, in fact, a barrier between human relations.