Haircut Ideas for Curly Hair

Curly hair can be challenging to style, but with the right haircut, it can look beautiful and voluminous. From short and sassy to long and layered, there are many different haircut ideas that can complement and enhance your natural curls.

Considerations for Curly Haircuts

When considering a haircut for curly hair, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you end up with a style that looks great and is easy to manage.

Here are some considerations for curly haircuts −

Curl type

Curly hair comes in a range of types, from loose waves to tight coils. It's important to consider your curl type when choosing a haircut, as certain styles may work better with certain types of curls.

Face shape

Your face shape can also play a role in the type of curly haircut that will look best on you. Some styles may be more flattering for round faces, while others may work better for square or oval faces.


Curly hair can be high-maintenance, so it's important to consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into styling and maintaining your haircut.


Curly hair tends to be voluminous, so it's important to choose a haircut that will enhance and not overpower your natural texture.


The length of your curly haircut can also make a big difference in how it looks and how easy it is to manage. Shorter styles may be easier to maintain, while longer styles may require more effort to style and care for.

By taking these considerations into account, you can choose a curly haircut that complements your natural texture and looks great on you.

Types of Curly Haircuts

It includes −

Short curly haircuts

short haircuts can work well for curly hair, as they can help to enhance your natural texture and create a fun and playful look. Short curly haircuts can range from a pixie cut to a bob, with lots of layers and texture to help define your curls.

Medium-length curly haircuts

Medium-length haircuts are also a great option for curly hair, as they can provide enough length to showcase your curls while still being easy to manage. Styles like a shoulder-length cut with layers or a shaggy style can add volume and movement to your curls.

Long curly haircuts

Long curly hair can be stunning, but it can also be challenging to manage. If you have long, curly hair, a layered cut can help add shape and definition to your curls while still allowing you to enjoy the length.

Layered curly haircuts

Layered haircuts can work well for curly hair, as they can help to enhance your natural texture and add movement and dimension to your locks. Layers can be added to any length of curly hair, from short bobs to long locks, to help create a more dynamic and interesting look.

Curly bangs

Bangs can be a great addition to curly hair, as they can help frame your face and enhance your natural texture. Curly bangs can be cut in a variety of ways, from blunt to wispy, to help create a look that complements your individual style. However, it's important to note that curly bangs can be challenging to manage and may require regular trims to keep them looking their best.

Maintenance Tips for Curly Hair

Here are some maintenance tips for curly hair −

Use a sulphate-free shampoo

Sulphates can strip your hair of natural oils and cause dryness, so it's important to use a gentle, sulphate-free shampoo designed for curly hair.

Deep condition regularly

Curly hair can be prone to dryness, so it's important to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week or as needed to help nourish and hydrate your curls.

Detangle gently

Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle your hair when it's wet, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.

Avoid heat styling

Excessive heat styling can cause damage and frizz, so it's best to avoid using hot tools as much as possible. If you must use heat, use a heat-protectant spray and a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer.

Use a leave-in conditioner

A leave-in conditioner can help to moisturize and define your curls while also providing some hold and control.

Sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases can cause friction and tangles, so it's best to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to help keep your curls smooth and tangle-free.

Protect your curls while sleeping. Use a silk or satin bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase to protect your curls while sleeping.

Trim regularly

Regular trims can help to prevent split ends and keep your curls looking healthy and bouncy. Aim to get a trim every 6–8 weeks.

Celebrities With Curly Haircuts

There are many celebrities with curly hair who have rocked some stunning haircuts. Here are a few examples −

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee is known for her gorgeous natural curls, and she has experimented with a variety of haircuts over the years. She has sported everything from a short pixie cut to long, layered curls.


Zendaya has curly hair that she often wears in a variety of styles, including a chic bob, long, flowing curls, and a curly updo. She has also been known to rock a variety of hair colours, from blonde to red to dark brown.

Lorde's curly hair has become a signature part of her style, and she often wears it in a long, curly bob that falls just below her shoulders. She has also experimented with shorter haircuts, such as a choppy, layered pixie cut.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis has curly hair that she often wears in a short, natural style. She has been known to experiment with different hair colours, from dark brown to a bright, bold red.


Shakira has long, voluminous curly hair that she often wears in loose, flowing waves. She has also experimented with shorter haircuts, such as a choppy, layered bob.

These celebrities show that there are many ways to rock a curly haircut, from short and sassy to long and flowing. Whether you have natural curls or are thinking of getting a curly haircut, there are many styles to choose from that can help you embrace and enhance your natural texture.

How To Discover Haircut Ideas for Curly Hair?

There are several ways to discover haircut ideas for curly hair −

Consult with a hairstylist

A professional hairstylist can provide you with suggestions for curly haircuts that will suit your hair type and face shape.

Look for inspiration online

There are plenty of websites, blogs, and social media accounts that feature photos and tutorials of different curly haircuts and styles. You can save your favourite images to show your hairstylist.

Check out celebrity hairstyles

Many celebrities with curly hair sport unique and trendy haircuts that you can draw inspiration from. You can look for pictures of your favourite curly-haired celebrities and take them to your hairstylist for reference.

Ask for recommendations from friends

If you have friends or family members with curly hair, ask them for their recommendations on haircuts and styles. They may have insights on what works well for their hair type and face shape.

Experiment with different styles at home

You can try different haircuts and styles at home with the help of hair styling tools and products. This can give you an idea of what works for your hair and what doesn't.


Curly haircuts can be a great way to embrace and enhance your natural texture, and there are many styles to choose from, including short, medium, and long cuts, layered cuts, and curly bangs. With the right considerations and styling tips, you can achieve a gorgeous curly haircut that suits your individual style and personality. And with inspiration from celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Zendaya, Lorde, Viola Davis, and Shakira, you can find a look that works for you and your unique curls.

Updated on: 16-Mar-2023


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