Gradle - Eclipse Integration

This chapter explains about the integration of eclipse and Gradle. Follow the below given steps for adding Gradle plugin to eclipse.

Step 1 − Open Eclipse Marketplace

First of all, open the eclipse which is installed in your system. Go to help -> click on EclipseMarketplace. Take a look at the following screenshot −

Open Eclipse Marketplace

Step 2 − Install Buildship Plugin

After click on the Eclipse Marketplace, you will find the screenshot which is given below. Here, in the left side search bar type buildship, which is a Gradle integration plugin. When you find the buildship on your screen, click on install on the right side.

Install Buildship Plugin

After that, you will find the following screenshot. Here, you need to confirm the software installation by clicking on the confirm button.


Then, you need to click on accept license agreement as shown in the following screen and later on click finish.

Accept License

It will take some time to install. Refer the screenshot given below for detailed understanding.

Installation Process

After that, it will ask for restarting Eclipse. There you will select Yes.

Step 3 − Verifying Gradle Plugin

While verifying, we will create a new project by following the given procedure. In the eclipse, go to file -> click on new-> click on other projects. Now, you will see the following screen. Later on, select Gradle project and click next. Refer the below mentioned screen shot.

Verifying Gradle Plugin

After clicking next button, you will find the following screen. After that, you will provide the Gradle home directory path of local file system and click on next button. The screenshot is given below −

Gradle Home Directory

You will have to provide the name for Gradle project. In this tutorial, we are using demoproject and click finish button. The screenshot is mentioned below −

Demo Project

We need to confirm the project. For that, we have to click finish button in the following screen.

Confirm the Project

Step 4 − Verifying Directory Structure

After successful installation of Gradle plugin, please check the demo project directory structure for the default files and folders as shown in the following screenshot.

Verifying Directory Structure