GPRS - Summary

In this tutorial, we have taught you all the basic concepts related to GPRS technology. Hope, now you have basic understanding of GPRS Technology.

You have learnt about GPRS basic overview, its architecture, a short description of GSM protocol stack and available GPRS applications. We also told you how you can charge GPRS services.

A list of all the important GPRS Acronyms has been given for your quick reference. So you can book mark this page for future reference.

What is Next ?

We have now seen that GPRS is a crucial step in the mobile evolution, and it opens endless possibilities for application developers and users. The next step after GPRS can be either EDGE or UMTS (or both).

  • Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) : using a new modulation scheme to provide up to three times higher throughput (for HSCSD and GPRS)

  • Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) : a new wireless technology using new infrastructure deployment.

If you are not aware of GSM technology, then our Simple GSM tutorial will give you a very good start up.

Now, if you need more detail about GPRS technology, then I would recommend you to go through other GSM resources listed in GPRS Useful Resources chapter.

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