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GPRS has almost become a default or a mandatory feature of the latest GSM phones. In case you have plans to buy a GPRS enabled mobile phone, then; GSM mobile phone should be opted than going for CDMA technology. is a website that has become a one-stop shop for all the latest GSM Mobile Phones. The page below displays a list of latest GSM mobile phones subscribers is a courtesy of GSM Arena. As a staunch follower of this site, I suggest you to go through all the reviews posted on the site, and pick the best suitable mobile phone.

At present, numerous noted mobile device manufacturers provide stateā€“of-the-art mobile handsets:

Alcatel Amoi
Apple Asus
Benefon BenQ
BenQ-Siemens Bird
BlackBerry Bosch
Chea Ericsson
Eten Fujitsu Siemens
Gigabyte Haier
i-mate Innostream
Kyocera LG
Maxon Mitac
Mitsubishi Motorola
NEC Neonode
Nokia O2
Palm Panasonic
Pantech Philips
Qtek Sagem
Samsung Sendo
Sewon Sharp
Siemens Sony
Sony Ericsson Tel.Me.
Telit Thuraya
Toshiba Vertu
VK Mobile WND
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