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In the year 2005, with the sole purpose of internal enrichment of its employees, Google started the program, Google talks, thru this program, brings actors, actresses, authors, filmmakers, actresses, musicians, chefs, women, politicians, scientists, innovators and speakers of all kinds, to Google talks centering on their recent works. This program has gained popularity in very short time and it evolved to become a public facing program, reaching millions of viewers, with varieties of interests on YouTube Channel. The talks are hosted by Googlers in Google offices across the world.

In this program, a disclaimer is also posted, that the views or opinions expressed by speakers, who are guests are solely their own and they do not necessarily represent the opinion or views of Google.

If you are interested in technical topics, good news for you, check Google Tech talks,(also known as EngEDU), which is dedicated to exploring areas of technology and science. Guest speakers range from past and present world leaders, to artists and little-known poets. The talks range from about to 40 to 70 minutes. Nearing to 1700 guest speakers, have spoken as of February 2009.

The google talks series’ vision is to capture both popular as well as intellectual zeitgeist and ideas which definitely deserve a deeper focus of an expert, who can offer more than a 5 minute sound bite. We find, from the 2008 US presidential candidates to Michael Pollan, to Alice Walker to Raphael Saadiq. The above program has grown not just to accommodate authors, but professionals belonging to other fields like musicians, chefs, innovators,notable person’s and more. The team, which host the above events have not only dedicated but passionate volunteers across the company.

If you are a techie person and are looking for technical topics, check out Google Tech talks (also referred as EngEdu), it is dedicated to exploring areas of technology and science. The talks range from 40 to 70 minutes. Nearing to 1700 guest speakers have spoken, as of February 2009.

During the year, 2006, in the month of March, Google announced that video’s of the talks would be available on Google Videos. Most of them are put on YouTube before they put them on Google Videos.

People from various walks of life are invited to Google Talks, Few of the categories, I have listed below.

Art and culture

They have talked to historians, artists, curators, philosophers and critics and they shared their thoughts and also answered timeless questions like, what defines art? How it affect us? Why should we value it? Everyone who is interested can join us as they share their view on the art in society. When you listen to them you wil find how art shapes culture and how culture shapes art. You will also find whether there are more subjective subjects.


You can also meet the analysts, industry captains, academics, fund managers, investment bankers and other fiscally-minded friends to know more about the influences and structures which shape our global economy. You will hear about different investment styles, strategies, philosophies and gain insight, you would never find in a textbook.


You can join the world’s leading authors as they share their ideas, insights and inspiration. We talk with writers across the world and find out why and how they write, what they write. You can hear the stories behind their stories, when our guests discuss their recently published works.

Chefs and Food

Is food a form of science? Art? Culture? We have a talk with foodies, chefs and leading authorities in the world about everything starting from the culinary creativity to the food system. You can also find, what’s on your plate, which can your fuel mind, body and spirit. They also talk about how it helps heal people and heal our planet. You may also learn how to prepare few cool as well as hot recipes. Come, join our conversation.


Actors, Filmmakers, musicians, singers, composers,comedians dancers and more talk to us about their passions, their work, their card, their philosophies and their influences. You can find out, what motivates them to entertain and share their creative view to the world.


The environment is something which needs to be on everyone’s minds. It is a real issue, we talk with experts from different walks of life about what is going wrong. What requires to be changed and how can we can sow the seeds of hope for the future generations.

Fitness and Sports

You can hear coaches, trainers and medics discuss their continuous pursuit, they are not only pushing boundaries, but they also break records. Find a couch and also get comfortable and be ready to cheer. Join the conversation.

Health and Well-being

They have talked with health professionals, academics and authors about mental, physical and well being of relationship. We ask them what inspiration can be received from the world of alternative and traditional medicine.


We talk with people who lead the way in religion, business, politics and other varied areas of public life. We try to find what motivates them, where they get their vision and how they maintain their drive. Find what make them stand out.

Few other categories include science, history, technology and politics.

The below are a list of few famous people by category who have given their lectures for google talks office –


Kamal Hassan – Indian Film Actor


  • February 14th, 2008, Esther Gokhale, author of 8 steps to a pain-free back
  • March 5th, 2008, Tim Keller, author of reason for God
  • February 9th, 2012, Rebecca Mackinnon, author, the consent of the networked


  • 15th August,2011, Eddie Izzard, British stand-up comic and actor
  • 7th December 2012, Stephen Colbert, American Comedian and television host
  • 14 August,2015 Amy Schumer, American comedian and actress
  • 14 August 2015, Bill Hader, American Comedian and actor


  • A.R.Rahman
  • Lang Lang
  • Lady Gaga
  • Reggie Watts


  • Ron Paul
  • Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek Finance minister
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