Golang Program to reverse a given linked list.


Approach to solve this problem

Step 1 − Define a method that accepts the head of a linked list.

Step 2 − If head == nil, return; else, call ReverseLinkedList, recursively.

Step 3 − Print head.value at the end.


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package main
import "fmt"
type Node struct {
   value int
   next *Node
func NewNode(value int, next *Node) *Node{
   var n Node
   n.value = value
   n.next = next
   return &n
func TraverseLinkedList(head *Node){
   fmt.Printf("Input Linked List is: ")
   temp := head
   for temp != nil {
      fmt.Printf("%d ", temp.value)
      temp = temp.next
func ReverseLinkedList(head *Node){
   if head == nil{
   fmt.Printf("%d ", head.value)
func main(){
   head := NewNode(30, NewNode(10, NewNode(40, NewNode(40, nil))))
   fmt.Printf("Reversal of the input linked list is: ")


Input Linked List is: 30 10 40 40
Reversal of the input linked list is: 40 40 10 30

Updated on: 18-Mar-2021

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