Golang Program to find the parity of a given number.

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Definition − Parity refers to the count of 1s. If count of 1s is even, then it’s even parity; and if the count of 1s is odd, then the parity is Odd.


Consider n = 20(00010100)

Parity of the given number 20 is even.

Approach to solve this problem

Step 1 − Define a method, where n and is an argument, return type is int.

Step 2 − Calculate the count of 1s in the given number’s bit.


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package main
import (
func FindParity(n int) bool {
   parity := false
   for n != 0 {
      if n & 1 != 0{
         parity = !parity
      n = n >> 1
   return parity
func main(){
   n := 20
   fmt.Printf("Binary of %d is: %s.\n", n, strconv.FormatInt(int64(n), 2))
   if FindParity(n){
      fmt.Printf("Parity of the %d is Odd.\n", n)
   } else {
      fmt.Printf("Parity of the %d is Even.\n", n)


Binary of 20 is: 10100.
Parity of the 20 is Even.
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