Game Development Using JavaScript

In this tutorial, we will learn about whether we can create games using JavaScript or not.

We can, of course. JavaScript games are entertaining, simple, and a fantastic method for youngsters to learn how to code. Nearly all internet websites employ the popular programming language known as JavaScript. A web application can be enhanced using JavaScript by adding animations and interactivity that improve gaming and web browsing.

JavaScript's capacity to create games that can be played readily online is a common topic that draws young people to learn how to program. It makes sense that more game developers have been adopting JavaScript to create new content over the past ten years as internet connections and computer hardware have improved.

How Effective Is JavaScript for Game Development?

Knowing that JavaScript may be used to create games raises the question of whether it suits this job.

Yes! Depending on the kind of game you want to design, JavaScript is a terrific language to use. For web-based and mobile games, JavaScript works well. Additionally, it's a fantastic language for kids because it's typically simple to understand and has a wealth of online resources for programmers. We support the teaching of JavaScript in middle school and high school coding courses.

If playing games on a mobile device or in a browser is what you want, JavaScript is a great choice. JavaScript has gained appeal in mobile game creation beyond just web-based games. Games that run directly in your browser can be made in 2D and 3D using platforms and tools.

Popular JavaScript Video Games

JavaScript was used to create several well-known online games. These can serve as an example for kids who desire to code games in JavaScript. See a few of them below!

Tower Building

A fantastic place to start with JavaScript games in Tower Building. In this game, players can stack blocks to build exceedingly enormous towers. In addition to having a QR code to play the game on your phone, this is a great game to check out because you can read, fork, and clone the GitHub repository to discover how it was made.


In the early 2000s, Bejeweled was developed as an in-browser game. Like Candy Crush, you must match three jewels in a row to score points.


You can move tiles around in a grid using the arrow keys in the addictive game 2048. The goal is to combine tiles till 2048 is reached.


A 3D game called Polycraft is accessible through your browser. Adventure, exploration, base-building, gathering, crafting, and even fighting abound in Polycraft. It's a great illustration of how Javascript may help you progress beyond 2D games.

Words with Friends 2

React Native, a platform for building mobile applications, is used to create the game Words with Friends 2 for mobile devices. React Native was the technology of choice for Zynga since it allowed for developing a single code base, cross-platform game utilizing JavaScript.

Which JavaScript Game Engines Are the Best?

JavaScript code is only text; despite its strength, JavaScript is limited in what it can accomplish. A game engine or rendering library is frequently used for creating JavaScript games. Kids who learn to integrate game engines into their programming will take the next step toward making their fantasy game.

Game engines are software that let you add additional features to games like sound, animations, visuals, and physics. There are many alternatives when looking for a gaming engine or rendering library for your fun that may be used for your particular needs. Here are a few well-known examples for you to pick from.


PixiJS is an open-source engine that takes pride in its quick response times and elegant API. Additionally, the 2D renderer supports numerous platforms, allowing you to create games for various uses. Being open-source also enables a very supportive community to contribute to the ongoing development of the engine.


A rendering framework called BabylonJS has powerful tools that let you make anything from detailed animations to 3D games. Like PixiJS, BabylonJS is open-sourced and supported by a sizable developer community.


Phaser supports HTML5 games on desktop and mobile devices. The development of 2D games for several platforms is its primary focus. Utilizing additional plugins as necessary is one advantage of using Phaser. This enables you to keep your tools compact so that you only have a few extra parts.


Although the melonJS framework is small, you can still add plugins as you see fit. You can include collisions, sprites, physics, particle effects, and more. In contrast to other gaming engines, it is also renowned for being relatively user-friendly for beginners.


Three.js is another well-liked toolkit for producing 3D visuals in a web browser. There are countless examples accessible because it's trendy and relatively simple to learn. Although WebGL is its default renderer, it also supports SVG, Canvas 2D, and CSS3D renderers.

It should be mentioned that most JavaScript game development concentrates on producing browser-based games. This imposes some restrictions on itself. Gaming elements like collision detection and rendering chores sometimes demand intensive GPU computing. The compute capacity is less potent than other game rendering engines and technologies because we are restricted to the browser.

Updated on: 28-Dec-2022

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