Gadget Updates of the Week 3-16

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The New Oppo F1 Smartphone

Dual SIM, Lollipop OS 5.1, 13 Megapixel camera, 2500 mAh Li-Po battery, 16GB internal storage, all packed in this powerhouse of an Oppo phone is its first in the F series that, as per the company, will focus on photography.

Known for its camera advancements, Oppo is a powerful machine and is all set in a slim aluminium body.

Set to release in India this month, let’s wish it is all the promised good features and beyond.

Polaroid Snap + Instant Print Camera

Polaroid proper is no more, but its brand-name and uniqueness are still around in various reanimated forms. The same company is now releasing a brand new product called Snap. The new camera is the perfect blend of nostalgic Polaroid instant photography and modern, digital technology.

With an upgraded 13 MP camera, 3.5 inch LCD plus viewfinder, HD recording capability, with expandable storage, equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, an added selfie mirror, a timer and a printer that lets you print 2×3 inch photos without a glitch. Phew! How about prepone the launch and we can have this quirky goodness to ourselves? Phew! How about preponing the launch and we can have this quirky goodness to ourselves?

Moto X Force

Ok, so knowing us humans, there has to be at least one smartphone that can be durable and can compete against all the delicate ones in the market. Motorola has heard our cries and this year, looks to release Moto X Force with an aluminum rigid core, flexible Amoled screen, dual layer touchscreen in case one gets destroyed (smart Moto, very smart), toughened with a waterproof, nano coating and what they call a “Shatter Shield” Display is all we wish for our brothers, husbands, sons, or even the ladies, that cannot spend a day without dropping the phone but won’t get a cover or screen protector.

OLED Panels for iPhones of the Future?

We all know Apple has decided to go the OLED path for its screens, only this time, have you heard that Samsung is reeled in as Apple’s primary supplier for the panels? But let’s not get too excited, these iPhones will only be up for release around the year 2017 or later.

Then maybe Apple will look into curved screens and possibly a change to its standard Apple design? One thing’s for sure, when Samsung can bring around curved screens, Apple initially beginning with a non-curved design will eventually follow suit. Fingers crossed!

3D Printed Figurines, the Future of Selfies

CES 2016 saw the newest, baddest technology this year, one of which was the 3D printed selfies, rather, the Shapie, a 15cm tall figurine is created after 12 seconds of scanning, and a print quality model is rendered in a matter of 15 minutes!

The ‘shapies’ are available in 3 sizes ranging for an approximate price of $169 to $299 dollars. Selfie lovers or kids, who can use their figurine selves are in for a definite treat with this!

Skype Group Video Calling for all

Previously a feature only for Skype for Business, the company has opened Group video calling to all its subscribers as of the coming weeks. With upto 25 callers in a video call, which is a step above prevalent video call apps that allow 10 callers, as opposed to Hike which allows upto a 100 callers!

Hike needs to take a hike, literally. And Skype, with its huge popularity across the world, though late in this feature is one for the win!

CAT S50c

This phone is a rock! Don’t believe us? Dust, water, shock, drop resistant also one to survive in extreme temperatures. It’ll take a drop more than 4ft to damage this toughie. With a hardware to match, it sports an 8MP camera and 2MP selfie camera, Lollipop 5.0 Android and weighing 200gm. This rock of a phone has been a favorite among its fans and they sure won’t be disappointed with the S50c.


Lenovo Vibe X3 Smartphone

Lenovo is all set to launch the Vibe X3 smartphone along with the Lenovo Vibe K4 Note in the month end. Motorola by Lenovo will be releasing the Vibe edition as part of the budget friendly sector whereas the Motorola smartphones will focus on the higher end segment. This strategy is to shift the focus of the company after its acquisition and merger onto different prices and we believe they are being smart about the change and using this opportunity to its best option. Good job Lenovo!

Leica X-U Weather Proof Camera

Rain, snow, water, dust, this camera withstands everything and challenges you to test it out. This camera is co-designed with Audi Design exceptionally with a thermoplastic elastomer material and high quality aluminium on the top plate and weighs 635 grams in a compact body.

Packed with a 16.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with a 23 mm prime lens with f/1.7 aperture along with full HD video recording. All this equivalent to a 35 mm lens on a full-frame camera. This camera comes without a viewfinder and instead offers the 3 inch LCD display.

This smart camera can shoot pictures underwater with a dedicated button when immersed and the smart placement of the flash above the axis makes it easier to shoot in water. Leica, where have you been all our lives!

Self-Driving Stroller!

We’ve all heard about the self-driven cars and how everyone is joining the trend, well, put that aside, while the former asks you to be lazy and just not drive, this new stroller lets parents, walk, run and it strolls right beside them. Currently in its crowd funding phase with IndieGogo, this might just be a huge hit if it passes through. This walking partner also includes speakers for your baby to rock out to, a bottle warmer, a rocker, 3 retractable canopies, and a temperature controlled bassinet. Not only this, this stroller is smart enough to have directional signals, internal and external cameras and an anti-theft alarm. Looks like the future generation is preparing for the self-driven cars from the beginning!

HP Sprout Pro

This all-in-one desktop that allows users to use a touch sensitive mat, is one to get your hands on. Product designers, artist or even trend enthusiasts who do not like the ‘clicky’ keyboards will love this one.

It is capable of measuring 2D and 3D objects that are placed on it by a Real Sense 3D camera and a 10 point touch 23 inch Full HD Display. The computer has a secondary screen, also known as HP Touch Mat that features 20 point touch enabled feedback and along with an optional Adonit Jot Pro Stylus can make this the Dream Team for every designer or artist. The future of computers looks bright kids!

Updated on 28-Jan-2020 11:42:41