Firebase Alternative

What is Firebase?

Firebase is an application which is built on Google’s infrastructure. It works as backend-as-a-service and helps the developers to develop different kinds of apps by providing tools and services of different types. Firebase comes as a NoSQL database program which stores data in the form of JSON-like documents.

Cost of Firebase

There are two pricing plans which are used to pay for Firebase services. These pricing plans are −

  • Spark Plan

  • Blaze Plan

Spark plan is a no cost tier while the blaze plan is a paid tier. Spark plan offers 1GB storage and 20K writes per day, 50K reads per day and 20K deleted per day.

Blaze plan is a paid plan in which you have to pay $0.18/GB for database storage, $0.026/GB for application storage, and additional charges for different purposes like data transfer, database operations and others.

Why Firebase Alternatives?

There are many drawbacks of Firebase due to which developers look for alternatives. Some of these disadvantages are as follows −

  • iOS features are not supported

  • Pricing is not stable

  • There are issues in real-time synchronization

  • Problems in migrating data

  • Not working in countries where Google is not supported

How to choose a Firebase Alternative?

Firebase has a few disadvantages due to which people like to choose different alternatives. If you are looking for an alternative, you need to check the availability of the following features −

  • Database should be extensive and reliable

  • Hosting should be secure

  • A variety of testing services

  • Authentication

  • Google Analytics

Top 10 Firebase Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Firebase and you can choose the one which can be used to fulfill your goals. Here are some of the best alternatives to Firebase.

Alternative 1 – Back4app

Back4app is a platform that can work with a combination of different open-source technologies. The process to use the platform is easy to learn. Back4app can be used to develop mobile and web applications and there is no need to maintain any server-side infrastructure. The price of the app is affordable.


  • Data model

  • Serverless functions

  • Authentication


  • It is a combination of open-source tools

  • Complex relational queries can be performed

  • There is no vendor lock-in which is found in Firebase

Alternative 2 – Parse

Parse is a technology that will help you to develop different types of applications at a faster pace. Parse is an open-source backend platform which uses the Apache 2.0 license. The app can be downloaded for free. Dashboard of the platform can be used easily. Parse also provides the facility of multiple cloud deployment options You will have the option of downloading the repositories on GitHub and hoist the application on any cloud platform.


  • The database is in the form of spreadsheet

  • Storage adapters are available

  • Push notifications feature is available


  • Parse is an open-source platform

  • The framework has multiple options for cloud deployment

  • There is no vendor lock-in

Alternative 3 – Kinsta

Kinsta is available at 26 locations in five continents of the world. Each location works at a fast speed as they have Google C2 machines that run on Google Premium Tier network. KInsta framework can be set up easily It supports all the popular frameworks which include Node.js, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, and many more.


  • Global live chat available 24/7

  • Framework provides firewall and SSL protection<

  • Easy deployment from GitHub


  • Google C2 machines work very fast

  • Efficiency of applications is excellent

  • Support for custom SSL while routing traffic to domains

Alternative 4 – AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify allows developers to create full-stack mobile and web applications. Backend can be easily configured by using this platform. Application development through this platform is easy. Developers can create a backend which can be easily connected to an application.


  • Data storage

  • Analytics

  • Authentication


  • The framework is provided by AWS

  • Easy integration with AWS Services

  • The framework has a lot of frontend UI elements

Alternative 5 – Kuzzle

Kuzzle offers three types of products which are as follows −

  • IoT suite for the development and deployment of IoT applications

  • Backend for the development of mobile and web applications

  • Platform-as-a-service

Kuzzle can be used to make different projects for Smart Cities, Smart Logistics, Smart Buildings, etc. The framework can be downloaded for free and Kuzzle cloud can be used to host the application.


  • Sensor connectors

  • Device manager

  • User administration and security


  • It can be used for IoT Deployment

  • It is an open-source framework

  • The framework provides professional training and services

Alternative 6 – Supabase

Supabase is a platform which can be used to make a backend at a very fast pace. The framework can easily work with open-source technologies. You will also get the facility of either self-hosting your application or hosting on Supabase cloud.


  • Easy integration with third-party authentication

  • Real-time database listeners can be easily accessed

  • Supports authentication


  • The community of developers is growing

  • Multiple deployment options are available

  • It can work easily with Postgres database

Alternative 7 – Backendless

Backendless is the first Backend-as-a-service which was launched in 2012. Real-time applications can be easily and quickly created through this platform. This is a visual app builder which helps in developing and managing the apps efficiently. The framework provides professional services for the development of custom projects.


  • It is a visual app builder

  • Real-time databases can be developed easily

  • Authentication and notification features are included in the framework


  • The framework provides a visual development kit

  • On-premise deployment is provided

  • The framework has a database in the form of spreadsheet

Alternative 8 – Appwrite

Appwrite is a backend server which can be used to make mobile and web applications. The framework self-hosting feature in a secure environment The platform provides support to different types of SDKs which include Flutter, Apple, Web, and Android. An open-source design system called Pink has also been introduced to develop interfaces which can be used again.


  • The platform can be downloaded without paying any cost

  • Appwrite has an extensive database

  • The platform provides a lot of functions


  • Appwrite is an open-source platform

  • The platform is simple to use

  • Flutter developers can use the platform to make applications

Alternative 9 – Hasura

Hasura consists of a GraphQL engine which can be used to create APIs and apps at a very high speed. The platform offers GraphQL instant API which helps the developers to connect their apps to external databases. The platform supports different types of database services like Postgres, Amazon Aurora, SQL Server, and Google Big Query.


  • Hasura consists of GraphQL API

  • Applications can be hosted in a secure environment

  • The platform also has caching feature


  • The platform supports SQL and NoSQL databases

  • It has low latency

  • It allows connection with external databases

Alternative 10 – Nhost

Nhost is a platform that works with a combination of different open-source technologies. Some of these technologies are Hasura, GraphQL, Postgres, etc. Nhost provides a serverless backend which can be used to make web and mobile applications.


  • Real-time database

  • GraphQL API

  • File storage


  • The platform supports SQL database

  • There is no vendor- lock-in

  • Provides support to SQL database


Firebase is a great solution which developers can use to develop applications. The platform has a few limitations and drawbacks so developers use alternatives to achieve their goals. There are many alternatives which are available at price cheaper than Firebase. These alternatives also have such features which cannot be found in Firebase.

Updated on: 05-Apr-2023


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