Find max in struct array using C++.

Here we will see how to get max in the struct array. Suppose there is a struct like below is given. We have to find the max element of an array of that struct type.

struct Height{
   int feet, inch;

The idea is straight forward. We will traverse the array, and keep track of the max value of array element in inches. Where value is 12*feet + inch


using namespace std;
struct Height{
   int feet, inch;
int maxHeight(Height h_arr[], int n){
   int index = 0;
   int height = INT_MIN;
   for(int i = 0; i < n; i++){
      int temp = 12 * (h_arr[i].feet) + h_arr[i].inch;
      if(temp > height){
         height = temp;
         index = i;
   return index;
int main() {
   Height h_arr[] = {{1,3},{10,5},{6,8},{3,7},{5,9}};
   int n = sizeof(h_arr)/sizeof(h_arr[0]);
   int max_index = maxHeight(h_arr, n);
   cout << "Max Height: " << h_arr[max_index].feet << " feet and " << h_arr[max_index].inch << " inches";


Max Height: 10 feet and 5 inches

Updated on: 30-Oct-2019


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