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Many people are unaware, that by sending an email to others, they disclose more information about them, which they do not prefer to disclose. Yes, most of you might be surprised to know this.

Whenever you send an email message to others, few unwanted information also goes along with your message, which is called header information. Header information might also disclose unwished information to recipients such as your IP address, which might be easily used by the recipients in order to find your normal location and varied private things about you.

Some Differentiators

Depending on the email provider you use, the IP address might be included with each message you send or any messages which you send via third party or first party services.

When one sends email through Gmail’s mobile apps or through Gmail’s website it omits the sender’s IP address, but the IP address gets included, if one uses a third-party program like Mail App on your iPhone or Microsoft Outlook to send the message through your Gmail account. We find the Yahoo Mail includes information about your IP address in the outgoing message headers, but hides the sender’s IP address.

How to Test to Email Client?

All those who are interested to know, whether your email client is revealing your IP address to the recipients or not, just send an email to yourself and then look at the message headers, it might sound a bit too technical, give a try.

As most people use numerous third party apps as well as service, it is essential to know whether your email provider is leaking your IP address or not. The states that, if you Gmail, then you might notice that your IP address is not disclosed in the header information, but in case if you use a third party app or program then your IP address is included.

Simple Method to Find

One of the easiest methods, to find as to whether your IP address is added to your emails, just send an email to yourself, and find its header, as to whether an IP address is displayed.

How to Display Email Headers?

Based on the program or service you prefer to use, it may be easier said than done.

Gmail (Google Mail)

  • On the official website, log into your Gmail account
  • Open a message, you wish to analyze
  • Next step would be, right click on the down arrow which is displayed next to the reply button in the from, date and time header.
  • Then select, show original in order to display the email including all of its email headers.

  • Individuals should sign into their Outlook account
  • Choose a message which they desire to check
  • Find the “actions” down arrow icon in the name row
  • Then click on it and select “view message source”

Yahoo Mail

  • First step, sign into your Yahoo mail account
  • Then locate the message which you wish to look at and then click on it
  • Select “more “ and click “view full Header”

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • First you require to click on email in the mail client
  • Then the header is displayed on top of the email content.

Different Methods

To find whether your outgoing email messages leak your IP address. Individuals can use an online service, Email leak test, to check whether their email provider is leaking their IP address or not to the recipients. This particular service is free and also anyone can use with use.

  • Firstly, open this particular site in your browser.
  • This tool will detect your computer IP address and then creates a unique email address for you.
  • You are required to send a blank email to the listed email address. There is no need to add body and subject to the email.
  • You require to wait for a few more minutes. As Email Leak Test will get your message, the page will get automatically updated with your results.
  • If your email provider leaks your IP address, you would get results like; the email which you have sent has leaked your IP. The IP on your email was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
  • In case your email provider is not leaking your IP address, you would get results like: your email has been received and it does not leak your IP.
  • Thus, using this tool, you can easily know that your email provider is leaking your IP address or not. If you find, your email providers are leaking your ID, then to protect your header information, change your email providers.

The advantage of Email Leak Test’s privacy policy is that, it does not keep any type of user information and whatever information provided by the user, it renounces instantly after any results are built. All users can use this tool, without worry.

If there is a Like button in a page, Facebook knows who visited that page. And it can get IP address of the computer visiting the page even if the person is not a Facebook user. Richard Stallman

Updated on 28-Jan-2020 12:27:12