Feroz Shah Kotla Fort - History


The location of Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is between Old Delhi and New Delhi. Feroz Shah Tughlaq ruled the city from 1351 to 1384. He got the throne from his uncle Muhammad bin Tughlaq. The fort was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354. In the same year, he also founded a city called Ferozabad. The city extended from Pir Ghaib to Old Fort and has the population of around 1,50,000.

The city and the fort was established on the banks of river Yamuna. Many other monuments were constructed in the fort like mosques, palaces, and madrasas. Gardens were also made which were very beautiful. Feroz Shah built the fort and the city because there was problem in water supply in his previous capital Tughlaqabad.


Jinns in the Fort

Feroz Shah Kotla fort is also known for the presence of jinns who fulfil the wishes of the people. According to Islamic mythology, Jinns are made from smokeless fire while humans are made from clay. It is believed that jinns also have the same type of government system as the humans.

People write a letter and bring their photocopies which are attached to the walls of the fort. The letter should go toe the correct department in order to fulfil the wish. During the decade of 1970, a fakir named Laddoo Singh started living here which increased the letter writings to the jinns.

No preference is given to anybody by the jinns. All are equal for them. A legend says that the chief of the jinns is Laat Waale Baba who lived in Minar-e-Zarin a pyramid like structure. People try to touch the railing around the pillar as they believe that their wishes will be fulfilled soon.