Features and Advantages of a Good Illumination Scheme

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When light falls on a surface, the surface is illuminated and the phenomenon is known as illumination. Mathematically, the illumination is defined as the luminous flux falling on a surface per unit area, i.e.,

$$\mathrm{\mathrm{Illumination,}\mathit{E}\:=\:\frac{\mathrm{Luminous \:flux}}{\mathrm{Area}}}$$

Good Illumination Scheme

A good illumination scheme is the one under the influence of which the eyes of a person, using the light, do not feel any strain.

For example, if the light is too dim, then one cannot observe the objects properly. On the other hand, if the light is too bright, then eyes start watering and are made to open forcibly. Thus, the good illumination scheme does not have the above mentioned effects, but we find comfort while working under it.

Features of Good Illumination Scheme

The features and properties of a good illumination scheme are as follows −

  • It should provide adequate illumination.

  • The illumination scheme adopted should avoid hard shadows and glare on the eyes.

  • It should have suitable shades and reflectors.

  • It should provide light of suitable color.

  • A good illumination scheme requires the installation of the light source at such a place so as to give uniform light over the working plane.

Advantages of Good Illumination Scheme

Following are the advantages or benefits of using a good illumination scheme −

  • Allows the persons to see easily and accurately to work at an efficient speed.

  • Prevents fatigue and strain on eyes.

  • Helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Provides light in economical manner.

  • Provides a perfect lux value that is not less, not more for the respective purpose.

  • Provides good lighting maintenance.

  • Utilizes day light and blend it properly with the light produced by the artificial source.

  • Avoids excessive brightness, contrast, glare and hard shadows.

  • Provides the light of correct color.

  • Provides safety, security, and increases productivity.

A good illumination scheme at a work place works as a mood enhancer. In manufacturing plants, a good illumination scheme can reduce the chance of accidents and product rejects.

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