Ext.js - Containers


Container in Ext JS is the component where we can add other container or child components. These containers can have multiple layout to arrange the components in the containers. We can add or remove the components from the container and from its child elements. Ext.container.Container is the base class for all the containers in Ext JS.

Sr.No Description
1 Components inside Container

This example shows how to define the components inside a container

2 Container inside container

This example shows how to define a container inside a container with other components

There are various type of containers Ext.panel.Panel, Ext.form.Panel, Ext.tab.Panel and Ext.container.Viewport are frequently used containers in Ext JS. Below are the example which shows how to use these containers.

Sr.No. Type of Containers & Description
1 Ext.panel.Panel

This example shows a Ext.panel.Panel container

2 Ext.form.Panel

This example shows a Ext.form.Panel container

3 Ext.tab.Panel

This example shows a Ext.tab.Panel container

4 Ext.container.Viewport

This example shows a Ext.container.Viewport container