Ext.js - Components


ExtJS UI is made up of one or many widgets called Components. Ext Js has various UI components defined that can be customized as per your requirements.

Sr.No Methods & Description
1 Grid

Grid component can be used to show the data in a tabular format.

2 Form

Form widget is to get the data from the user.

3 Message Box

Message box is basically used to show data in the form of alert box.

4 Chart

Charts are used to represent data in pictorial format.

5 Tool tip

Tool tip is used to show some basic information when any event occurs.

6 Window

This UI widget is to create a window, which should pop up when any event occurs.

7 HTML editor

HTML Editor is one of the very useful UI component, which is used for styling the data that the user enters in terms of fonts, color, size, etc.

8 Progress bar

Shows the progress of the backend work.