Explain the working of Cypress.

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The below diagram explains the working of the Cypress −

Automation tools like Selenium work by running outside the browser. However, Cypress has a different architecture. It runs within the browser. Cypress is based on the server - Node.js.

There is a continuous interaction of Cypress with the Node.js and they work in – coordination with each other. As a result, Cypress can be utilized for testing both the front and backend of the application.

Cypress is thus capable of handling the tasks performed in a real-time on the UI and simultaneously perform actions outside of the browser. The basic differences between Cypress and Selenium are listed below −

JavascriptJava, C#, Python. JavaScript
Small community supportBig community support.
In-built video capture feature.No in-built video capture feature.
No APIs available to handle tabs/child windows.APIs available to handle tabs/child windows.
No parallel execution can be performed.Parallel execution can be performed.
Only installation of npm is needed.Supplemental Jars, libraries, and so on need to be added as project dependencies.
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