Explain the functions of WAN in Computer Network

There are various functions of WAN, which are as follows −

Remote Data and Job Entry

It is feasible to introduce the information on the sales and transactions at the sale terminals using WANs. It is also possible to centralize this information in a computer for processing or broadcasting purposes. For example, supermarkets in different cities linked through WANs can transmit all sales information from their remote sale centers. The central purchase and distribution center can supervise all the sale figures on a regular daily basis.

Centralizing Information

It is convenient for a business to centralize regional information. For example, auto-parts dealers can help locate rare-auto parts using a centralized computer file of inventory items. WANs enable such dealers to query centralized databases.

Facilitating Communications

Organizations in advanced countries use WANs to help employee communications, store on long-distance phone calls and let writing, cut prices on the arrangement of written records, and overcome the time fail involved in the conventional means of extracting information between different branches.

Exchange messages

In this device, messages are communicated quickly. Web applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype enable us to connect with a partner.

High bandwidth

If we use the dedicated connections for our organization, then this provides high bandwidth. The high bandwidth boosts the information transfer cost, which thus builds the efficiency of our organization.