Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the TCP/IP model

TCP/IP signifies the transmission control protocol/Internet Protocol. It was created by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA, later DARPA) in the late 1970s.

It is a collection of communication protocol. Moreover, it involves collection and methods for managing packet transport, media access, session interaction, data transfer, email and terminal emulation.

Advantages of TCP/IP Model

The main advantages of TCP/IP are as follows −

  • It is a broadly accepted model which can deploy effectively in all the practical networking issues.

  • TCP / IP can also enable cross-platform communications among the heterogeneous networks.

  • It supports connection-oriented reliable service. It defines that it maintains the transfer of data packets. If the data packet is missing across the web, thus the TCP will retransmit the lost packets.

  • It removes the congestion by using a network congestion avoidance algorithm that contains multiple procedures, including additive increase/multiplicative decrease (AIMD), slow start, and congestion window.

  • It supports error disclosure by using checksum and error control by using Go Back or ARP protocol.

Disadvantages of TCP/IP Model

The main disadvantages of TCP/IP are as follows −

  • The model does not characterise the terms of service, interface, and protocol.

  • The TCP/IP model is not shared and is appropriated to represent any protocol stack other than TCP/IP.

  • The host-to-network layer is not a layer at all in the ordinary sense that the method is used in the framework of layered protocols.

  • The TCP/IP model does not determine the physical and data link layers.

  • TCP / IP is complex to set up and maintain as compared to the Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange (IPX/SPX) or NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI).

  • It can improve a considerable overhead as every structure obtains its TCP header. Therefore, fragmentation through the router improves the overhead.

Updated on: 04-May-2021

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