Explain the accessing of structure variable in C language

The structure is a user-defined data type, which is used to store a collection of different data types of data.

The structure is similar to an array. The only difference is that an array is used to store the same data types whereas, the structure is used to store different data types.

The keyword struct is for declaring the structure.

Variables inside the structure are the members of the structure.

A structure can be declared as follows −

Struct structurename{
   //member declaration


Following is the C program for accessing a structure variable −

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struct book{
   int pages;
   float price;
   char author[20];
Accessing structure members in C
//Declaring structure//
   char name[50];
   int roll;
   float percentage;
   char grade[50];
void main(){
   //Reading User I/p//
   printf("enter Name of 1st student : ");
   printf("enter Roll number of 1st student : ");
   printf("Enter the average of 1st student : ");
   printf("Enter grade status of 1st student : ");
   //Printing O/p//
   printf("The name of 1st student is : %s
",s1.name);    printf("The roll number of 1st student is : %d
",s1.roll);    printf("The average of 1st student is : %f
",s1.percentage);    printf("The student 1 grade is : %s and percentage of %f
",s1.grade,s1.percentage); }


When the above program is executed, it produces the following result −

enter Name of 1st student: Bhanu
enter Roll number of 1st student: 2
Enter the average of 1st student: 68
Enter grade status of 1st student: A
The name of 1st student is: Bhanu
The roll number of 1st student is: 2
The average of 1st student is: 68.000000
The student 1 grade is: A and percentage of 68.000000