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Excel batch find and replace specific text in hyperlinks

In certain circumstances, you may have to find and replace a particular text within hyperlinks while excluding all other content forms. In such cases, you would almost exclusively use the Find and Replace function, which is completely functional when applied to single values.

However, if there are dozens or even hundreds of products that need to be replaced, no one would want to manually make all of those replacements one at a time, and then do it all over again if the data were to change.

To our relief, Excel provides a number of more powerful strategies for doing mass replace, and we are going to delve into each of these strategies in further depth.

Using the Find and Replace function in Excel, it is possible to replace a whole text string or a single character across multiple cells at once with a different value in point of fact, Excel's Find and Replace feature is capable of handling this task as well.

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can replace a specific text in hyperlinks in Excel.

Step 1

In our example, we have some hyperlinks in our Excel sheet. Select the range of cells in which you want to find and replace the hyperlinks as shown in below image. In our case, we have selected from A2 to A10.

Step 2

Then press Ctrl+H to open Find and Replace dialogue. Or else go to Home, then from Editing ribbon, click on Find & Select option, from the drop-down list, select Replace option, then the Find and Replace popup window will be opened.

Step 3

Then, from the popup window, click Options. Next, go to Format option on the Find what line, and another popup window Find Format will be opened.

Step 4

Then, select the Font tab. In that, from the Underline section, select Single from the dropdown list. And then click OK.

Step 5

Then in Find what text box, type the text or character you want to find. And then in Replace with text box, type the text or string or character you want to replace. In our example, we want to replace the text techsoft. So in Find what text box we have written techsoft and in Replace with text box we have written SoftCell. And then, click Replace All.

Excel will pop up a dialog box that will show how many replacements were done.

Click OK to close. Then, close the Find and Replace window.

From the below given image you can see all the text "techsoft" has been replaced with "SoftCell".


In this tutorial, we explained step-by-step how you can replace a specific text in hyperlinks in Excel.