Ethereum - Summary

You learned how to write your own digital contract in Solidity. You developed and tested the contract interface in the Remix IDE. For further multi-user testing, you deployed this contract on Ganache Blockchain. On Ganache, you created two user accounts. The first account was used for publishing the contract. The second account was used for consuming the contract.

What is Next?

The Ganache Blockchain that you used in this entire process is private and local to your machine. Once you are fully satisfied with the functioning of the contract, you may proceed to publish it on a real-life Ethereum Blockchain. However, doing so would require you to spend real money. In the demo application, we used 1000 ETH as default for each user account in Ganache. When you deploy your contract on a real-life Blockchain, you will have to buy the ETH by converting your own country’s currency to ETH. This currency would be stored in your wallet and you will be able to spend it the way you want.