Erlang - Tuples


A tuple is a compound data type with a fixed number of terms. Each term in the Tuple is called an element. The number of elements is said to be the size of the Tuple.

An example of how the Tuple data type can be used is shown in the following program.

Here we are defining a Tuple P which has 3 terms. The tuple_size is an inbuilt function defined in Erlang which can be used to determine the size of the Tuple.



start() ->
   P = {john,24,{june,25}} , 

The output of the above program will be as follows.



Let’s look at some more operations which are available for tuples.

S.No Methods & Description
1 is_tuple

This method is used to determine is the term provided is indeed a tuple.

2 list_to_tuple

This method is to convert a list to a tuple.

3 tuple_to_list

This method is convert a tuple to a list.

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