Entrepreneurship Development Tutorial

Entrepreneurship Development Tutorial

Entrepreneurship Development is a practice meant to improve entrepreneurial skills among people. In other words, it is the inculcation, advancement, and grooming of entrepreneurial skills into a person needed to establish and successfully run an enterprise.

Entrepreneurship Development provides people the required encouragement and business skill to help them establish a successful business. It is all about building a business from zero by coming up with new ideas and turning those ideas into a profitable business.

This is a brief introductory tutorial that will definitely help the readers to have a better understanding of the concepts of entrepreneurship.


This tutorial will be useful for students from management streams who aspire to learn the basics of Entrepreneurship Development. Professionals, especially managers, regardless of which sector or industry they belong to, can use this tutorial to learn how to apply the methods of Entrepreneurship Development in their respective enterprise.


The readers of this tutorial are expected to have a basic understanding of how an entrepreneur would deal with a complex project having multiple dimensions and accomplish it without overshooting their resources.