Employee Supervision Tutorial

Employee Supervision Tutorial

In the simplest terms, Supervision is the tact of getting a job done through others amicably. This definition of supervision states the relationship between the managers and their subordinates. This, however, doesn’t explain the manner in which coaches, instructors and mentors motivate people to take up leadership responsibilities for the first time in his/her life. Newly appointed managers find themselves in a new role of coordinating individual efforts in a team’s cause and that requires quickly adjusting to new roles, responsibilities and relationships. To be considered a successful supervisor, they need to develop their skills in administration, technology and interpersonal behavior.


This tutorial is designed to help newly-appointed workplace supervisors get a better understanding of their roles and that of others. It contains information on how to work more effectively with apprentices, subordinates, and trainees.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are expected to have a detailed knowledge on the working process of your company, and the job responsibilities that you will handle, and the expectation your management has of you, in terms of productivity and performance.