Employee Engagement

In this chapter, we will understand the relationship between employee retention and employee engagement. Employee engagement can be defined as employee’s ability and willingness in making the organization successful with dedication and commitment. Employee engagement is also defined as an emergent working condition and a positive cognitive, emotional and behavioral state directed toward organizational outcomes.

Impact of Employee Engagement on Employee Retention

Employee retention is directly proportional to employee engagement. If the employee engagement is good and high in rate, then the retention rate of an organization will be high. Employee engagement refers to a situation where all the employees are engaged in their own work and take keen interest in the organization’s activities. An engaged employee is one who is focused, enjoys his work and learns something new each day.

An employee who is engaged will be satisfied with his work and would never think of quitting his/her job, where the retention rate will be high. He/she is the one who willingly accepts responsibilities and looks forward towards a long term association with the organization.

An individual should be delegated responsibilities as per his specialization and background for him to perform up to the mark. An employee delivers his hundred percent when he does something which interests him. Problems crop up when individuals have nothing creative and challenging to do. So, an organization, which provides a working environment to the employee with complete work engagement, will have a high retention rate.

Following are the points to keep in mind for better employee engagement −

  • Future Plans of an Employee − Every employee looks for a good job, better growth prospectus and bright future in the company, which will make him/her stay for a longer amount of time. Hence, an employee must be engaged, which will make him motivated to retain in the current organization for a longer duration.

  • Interesting Job for an Employee − Employees, who have nothing to do in the workplace, will be passing time just by talking bad about the company and gossiping, which will spread negativity in the organization. Hence, an interesting job should be provided to the employee for making him/her busy in the work, which is possible by employee engagement.

  • Work Free Environment − Every employee is a human being and he/she needs a work free environment i.e., freedom to work. This will create a stress free environment at workplace, which results into good and a healthy relationship with the co-employees. No employee, would like to carry tensions back to home. Hence, an employee can be engaged towards work with free work environment.

  • Appreciating Employees with Awards and Rewards − Every employee’s dream is to be appreciated in front of others. He/she wants to be awarded and rewarded for his/her extra-ordinary work performance. Performance reviews is very important for making every employee to finds his/her job interesting. It is the responsibility of the team leaders, who must review the performance of the team members and ensure whether they are satisfied with their job or not?

  • Dedication towards Work − Every employee should be dedicated towards their own work and it the responsibility of the management to make the employee dedicated. The employees who do not take ownership of their work blame others and the organization for the poor show. Every employee should always remember that the companies are meant to work but not for fun.

Employee Engagement Improves Employee Retention

If the employees are engaged, then it is for sure that, they will retain with the organization for a longer period of time. Engaging the resources is making sure that, they are productive and committed in their work, which will benefit both employee and employer.

Hiring the right candidate, engaging him/her, will make the employee committed and dedicated towards his/her job and the organization too, as he/she will be happy to work with. But, one must ensure that the employee engagement is ongoing for maintaining the employee retention rate for success and growth of the organization.

Following are good practices for an effective employee engagement & retention −

  • Find out what employees need.
  • Communicate well and often.
  • Be clear on what the organization stands for.
  • Empower all employees to do their best.
  • Understand generational differences.

By understanding what engages employees can help during all phases of the employment, from recruitment to training to performance assessment and beyond. And it is also very easier to retain employees who are engaged and committed to the organization’s success.

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