Employee Motivation Tutorial

Employee Motivation Tutorial

Employee Motivation is an act of stimulating employees to action to accomplish organizational goals. A well-motivated employee is indeed a loyal asset to any organization and he/she remains committed and interested towards his/her duties and responsibilities to help achieve the objectives of an organization. Employee Motivation can be used in directing employee’s behavior and actions for a constructive vision or direction. Scientists and researchers have found that any employee can be motivated depending upon whichever stage of professional and personal life he/she is in. In this tutorial, we will be discussing various aspects of Employee Motivation and how its theories can be applied in practice.


This tutorial is primarily designed for Human Resource personnel and Managers, who want to know how to motivate employees and themselves while working towards achieving the desired goals, especially during challenging times. It is also helpful in motivating others so that they can deliver quality output with the desired quality, especially, under strict deadlines.


The readers of this tutorial are expected to have a basic understanding of the complexity of Employee Motivation and the strategies for motivating the employees of an organization.