Employee Engagement - The 10 C's

How can leaders engage employees’ heads, hearts, and hands? The literature offers several avenues for action; we summarize these as the ten C’s of employee engagement.

  • Connect − In a company, every employee should be valued and these values come with a good relationship that is possible through good connections.

  • Carrer − Every employee looks for career growth. It is possible only when the employees are given an opportunity to perform challenging tasks in their respective domains.

  • Clarity − The mission and vision of the company should be clear to every employee so that they can plan their goals with respect to their career growth.

  • Convey − In any company, communication should be maintained transparent to avoid any misunderstanding. Conveying information in a clear manner is an extremely important function.

  • Congratulate − Every employee should be congratulated and appreciated, when they produce extraordinary work output. It keeps them motivated.

  • Contribute − Being a leader, it is mandatory for any manager to support and contribute their subordinates in achieving their goals.

  • Control − Being in control helps in performing a task in a balanced way and produce successful output. Hence, a leader should always encourage his employees to be in control while taking any official decision.

  • Collaborate − Trust is an important binding factor that helps in collaborating all the employees together for achieving the goals for themselves and for the organization.

  • Credibility − In any organization, every employee should be ethical and honest, where the leader is credible for the employees.

  • Confidence − Confidence among employees is very important for the betterment of the organization. So, it is the primary role of a leader to instill confidence among the employees.

There are two primary factors that drive employee engagement. These factors are based on statistical analysis and widely supported by industry research.

Engagement with the Organization

This factor measures how engaged employees are with the organization as a whole, and by extension, how they feel about senior management. This factor has to do with confidence in organizational leadership as well as trust, fairness, values, and respect - i.e. how people like to be treated by others, both at work and outside of work.

Engagement with "My Manager"

This factor is a more specific measure of how employees feel about their direct supervisors. Topics include feeling valued, being treated fairly, receiving feedback and direction, and generally, having a strong working relationship between employee and manager based on mutual respect.