Editors and Its types in System Programming in C++

Editors are basically computer programs that are utilised to edit files on a computer. The provide environment to a programmer to create, edit, update, format a document in any order he/she wants to.

In system programming or programming, editors are software or tools that are used to edit the program. These are basically text editors of special type that have integrated functionality to edit code.

Some common program editors are notepad++, visual code, sublime. Also there are some edits that provide things used to do more than just editing the code. They are the integrated development environment (IDE) which can help you edit, debug and run your program in the same software.

Back to editors which have evolved so long and have been around, since the evolution of modern computers has begun.

Editors based on how it edits the file

GRAPHICAL EDITOR− A special editor which is used to edit a graphical file or a photo. These work based on the fact that pixels of a photo can be edited and changed.

TEXT EDITOR− This editor edits text files and updates their characters and format.

Type of editor based on who it edits the file

LINE EDITOR− This code editor edits the file line by line. You cannot work on a stream of lines using the line editor. Example of a line editor is teleprinter. 

STREAM EDITOR− This code editor edits the file by treating them as a sequence of characters to work on instead of treating it as a single line. Using a stream editor, you can work on paragraphs. Example of a stream editor is Sed Editor. 

SCREEN EDITOR− This editor is able to edit any character on screen. Editor can update the content  by clicking on it using the cursor and then update the content in any way required. 

WORD PROCESSOR− This is an advanced editor, one which you might have worked on (currently). The word processor editing software is used to perform all editing tasks and also perform special operations like editing fonts, adding styles, size features and adding multimedia to it like inserting images, files, videos.

STRUCTURE EDITOR− This editor is specially used to edit programs that need structuring of code. It provides features of writing and editing source code and provides an environment.