Dumpster Diving/Trashing in C++

Dumpster diving or trashing is a technique used in cyber security and information technology which is commonly used by hackers to extract data. It is based on the fact that “something which is worthless for someone can be of great usage for someone else”. 

It works based on the idiom, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. 

Trashing refers to searching online trash (unused information) and finding out fruitful information about a business or person to use it to perform hacking related activities.

This dumpster diving is used to gather information to try to hack or extract information of business using a phishing technique by pretending to be a genuine source and extract information about victims.

Information Hackers can Extract

  • General information like emails, contacts.
  • Passwords, login codes, account details written somewhere without protection for easy access in like notes, open text documents, sticky notes.
  • Private information related to banking and finance, health and medication, official documents. 
  • Business related stuff like business info, things related to working or business. 

Where do hackers look for information

  • Expired database online, inactive accounts.
  • Trash systems, drives and CD’s.

How to SaveGuard your Data from unwanted Access

  • Destroy all drives that might contain important data which is no more of use or permanently delete this data.
  • Never leave personal data unattended and without password protection.
  • Use firewalls and take safety measures while working on the internet.
  • Keep all documents printed and safe and destroy all digital copies if not needed.