Dual Mode operations in OS in C++

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Every system works on operations mainly in two modes to safeguard hardware’s computation. The two modes are −

  • User Mode
  • Kernel Mode

User Mode −

The OS mode in which all the user applications and programs will run. Here, the user instructions are worked on and softwares like playing music is run.

Kernel Mode −

The OS mode in which the hardware loads and its computations are performed. Only privileged instructions are allowed to run in kernel mode. Some common privileged instructions are −

  • Input-Output Management
  • Switching modes between user mode and kernel mode.
  • Interrupt management

Dual Mode in OS is the switching of modes between the two modes and switching of mode by the OS for computation of process by system. Dual Mode is responsible for the management of processes and avoiding any system crashes.

Updated on 22-Jan-2021 12:29:14