Discuss few characteristics of MySQL

MySQL is an open source SQL (structured query language) database management system. Let us see some of its characteristics:


MySQL server is quick, and reliable. It stores data efficiently in the memory ensuring that data is consistent, and not redundant.


MySQL server is scalable and easy to use. Scalability refers to the ability of systems to work easily with small amounts of data, large amounts of data, clusters of machines, and so on.  It is also used in production environment due to its scalability and ease of use.

Databases over Internet

It provides high security, improved connectivity, and speed thereby making it suitable to work with databases over internet.


MySQL server works with client/server and embedded systems


The MySQL database is a client-server system which contains multi-threaded SQL server. Multi-threading refers to the ability of tasks to work simultaneously by using the system’s resources efficiently. If required, MySQL server can also be used as an embedded multi-threaded library.

User’s Requirements

The code for MySQL software was developed by keeping the user’s requirements in mind. This means that most of the applications and language can be used with MySQL database server.

Logical Model

Before storing the data in the database, a logical model is built. This logical model gives all details about the variables/data fields, the relationship between these variables (it could be one-to-one, one-o-many, many-to-one, many-to-many), the relationship between two tables and so on. When a database is well-designed, it means that there is no scope for inconsistent data, redundant data or missing data.